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ENGL0039.401 - Narrative Across Cultures - Ania Loomba MW 3:30-4:59pm
ENGL0040.601 - The Twentieth Century: Whose American Dream? - Thomas Collins Tuesday 5:15-8:14pm
ENGL0320.401 - Black Queer Traditions - Dagmawi Woubshet MW 10:15-11:44am
ENGL0350.301 - Climate Fiction - Paul Saint-Amour MW 12:00-1:29pm
ENGL0372.301 - Juvenilia - Melissa Jensen MW 12:00-1:29pm
ENGL0590.401 - Cinema and Politics - Rita Barnard MW 10:15-11:44am
ENGL0590.402 - Cinema and Politics - Rita Barnard TR 10:15-11:44am
ENGL0594.401 - History of Children's TV - Linda Simensky Monday 3:30-6:29
ENGL0755.401 - SNF Paideia Course: Listening in Troubled Times - Aaron Levy Wednesday 12-2:59pm
ENGL0765.301 - Podcasting - Chris Mustazza Wednesday 5:15-8:14pm
ENGL0766.301 - Virtual Bodies, Virtual Worlds - Amanda Licastro Monday 5:15-8:14pm
ENGL1056.401 - Sherlock in the Multiverse - Barri Joyce Gold TR 12-1:29pm
ENGL1093.301 - Contemporary US Poetry and Experimental Writing - Simone White Thursday 10:15-1:14pm
ENGL1094.301 - Literature as a Marketplace - James English TR 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL1095.301 - Novel to Film Adaptation - Jed Esty TR 12-1:29pm
ENGL1140.001 - Modern America - Rita Barnard TR 10:15-11:44am
ENGL1145.001 - Rewriting American Classics - Nancy Bentley MW 12-1:29pm
ENGL1260.401 - Latinx Literature and Culture - Jennifer Ponce de León MW 3:30-4:59pm
ENGL1261.401 - Radical Arts in the Americas - Jennifer Ponce de León MW 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL1270.401 - Introduction to Asian American Literature - Josephine Park MWF 10:15-11:14am
ENGL1425.401 - Freud's Objects - Liliane Weissberg MW 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL1449.401 - War and Representation - Department Staff MW 10:15-11:44am
ENGL1710.001 - The Novel and Other Institutions - Emily Steinlight TR 10:15-11:44am
ENGL1891.401 - The Broadway Musical in 21st Century - David Fox MW 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL1900.401 - World Film History to 1945 - Chenshu Zhou MW 1:45-3:14
ENGL1900.402 - World Film History to 1945 - Joseph Coppola TR 3:30-4:59pm
ENGL1901.401 - World Film History 1945-present - Meta Mazaj TR 12-1:29pm
ENGL1901.601 - World Film History 1945-Present - Sasha Dilan Krugman Monday 5:15-8:14pm
ENGL1950.401 - Television and New Media - Rahul Mukherjee W 1:45-4:44pm
ENGL2080.401 - Representations of the Holocaust - Al Filreis TR 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL2082.401 - Nuclear Fictions - Paul Saint-Amour TR 12:00-1:29pm
ENGL2140.301 - Literature of New York City - Nancy Bentley MW 3:30-4:59pm
ENGL2222.401 - August Wilson and Beyond - Suzana Berger MW 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL2275.401 - The Chinese Body and Spatial Consumption in Chinatown - Ken Lum Tuesday 1:45-4:44pm
ENGL2390.401 - Clarice Lispector - Zita Cristina Nunes T 12-2:59pm
ENGL2530.301 - Literature of Care - Aaron Levy M 12:00-2:59pm
ENGL2751.301 - Fiction and Connectivity - Jed Esty W 3:30-6:29pm
ENGL2801.301 - The Person in the Poem - Max Cavitch MW 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL2933.401 - Japanese Cinema - Julia Alekseyeva M 12:00-2:59pm
ENGL2934.401 - Cinema and Socialism - Julia Alekseyeva T 12:00-2:59pm


ENGL0050.910 - Sex and Power in the US - Matty Hemming MW 5:15-7:45pm
ENGL1179.910 - World Literature - Akhil Puthiyadath Veetil Monday 7-8:59pm
ENGL1900.910 - World Film History to 1945 - Joseph Coppola MW 12-3:50pm
ENGL1901.920 - World Film History 1945-Present - Anat Dan TR 10:15-1:49


ENGL0020.601 - Anxiety, Menace, and Peril: The Gothic - Melissa Jensen Wednesday 5:15-8:14pm
ENGL0021.601 - Anime as Global Form - Ann Ho Tuesday 5:15-8:14pm
ENGL0024.401 - Monsters in Film & Literature - Chi-ming Yang Mondays 12-2:59pm
ENGL0038.401 - World Autobiography - Max Cavitch MW 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL0070.001 - Literature and Medicine - Heather K. Love, Dagmawi Woubshet TR 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL0090.001 - Literature and Business - Jed Esty TR 12-1:29pm
ENGL0160.401 - Introduction to Queer Theory - S. Pearl Brilmyer TR 12-1:29pm
ENGL0304.301 - Dangerous Literature - Abdulhamit Arvas TR 12-1:29pm
ENGL0381.401 - American Musical Theatre - David Fox MW 12:00-1:29pm
ENGL0506.301 - Modernism and the Great Novella - Jed Esty Wednesday 3:30-6:29pm
ENGL0518.401 - Cinema and Globalization - Rita Barnard MW 10:15-11:44am
ENGL0531.401 - Reproductive Fictions - Emily Steinlight TR 10:15-11:44
ENGL0590.401 - Cinema and Politics - Rita Barnard TR 10:15-11:44
ENGL0596.401 - Charles Chaplin's Film and the Politics of Silence - Jacob Myers Wednesday 5:15-8:14pm
ENGL1014.401 - King Arthur: Medieval to Modern - Emily Steiner TR 10:15-11:44
ENGL1071.401 - Fashion and Modernity - Jean-Michel Rabaté TR 12-1:29
ENGL1179.401 - World Literature - Qing Liao MW 10:15-11:44pm
ENGL1670.301 - Data Science and the Humanities - J. D. Porter TR 3:30-4:59pm
ENGL1875.401 - Theatre, History and Culture II - Jennifer Thompson TR 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL1900.401 - World Film History to 1945 - Hugo Salas TR 12-1:29pm
ENGL1900.601 - World Film History to 1945 - Joseph Coppola TR 5:15-6:44pm
ENGL2092.401 - The Kelly Writers House Fellows Seminar - Al Filreis, Simone White Monday 1:45-4:44pm
ENGL2192.401 - Narrating Survival - Sarah Ropp MW 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL2261.401 - Capitalism, Racism & Revolt - Jennifer Ponce de León Monday 5:15-8:14pm
ENGL2321.401 - Criminal Sexuality - Alicia Meyer MW 12-1:29pm
ENGL2420.401 - British Cinema - James English TR 12-1:29pm
ENGL2596.401 - Remediating the Environment - Jane Robbins Mize MW 5:15-6:44pm
ENGL2621.401 - Prints and Politics - Shira Brisman Tuesday 1:45-4:44pm
ENGL2850.401 - The Black Arts Movement - Margit Edwards MW 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL2874.401 - The Musical Theatre of Sondheim - David Fox MW 3:30-4:59 pm
ENGL2881.401 - Climate Change and Theatre - Sarah Lucie Mondays 3:30-6:29pm
ENGL2900.401 - Global Film Theory - Meta Mazaj, Karen Redrobe MW 1015-11:14
ENGL2951.401 - The Virtual Reality Lab - Peter Decherney Thursday 1:45-4:44pm
ENGL2953.401 - Digital Infrastructures and Platforms - Rahul Mukherjee Thursday 3:30-6:29pm
ENGL4958.301 - Bad Romances: Gawain to Gaga - Nat Rivkin MW 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL4980.301 - Lyric Wreckage and the Climate Crisis - Bethany Swann TR 3:30-4:59pm
ENGL4980.303 - Poetry and Capitalism - Andrew Smyth Thursday 3:30-6:29pm
ENGL5991.401 - Media, Platform, Experience - Rahul Mukherjee, Chenshu Zhou Thursday 10:15-1:14pm