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Melissa Jensen


Fisher-Bennett Hall 319

Office Hours

spring 2024

W 2-4:30 and by appointment

Melissa Jensen is an award-winning writer of historical and contemporary fiction. Most recently, her Young Adult novels have been official selections on such lists as New York Public Library's Teen Reading and FYA. She is currently working on the fourth and final book in her Philadelphia novel series and a play centered around bog bodies and Irish rap music, as well as participating in an ongoing multi-media project exploring the connection between anthropology, archaeology, and literature. “Broken Siren”, a contemporary work for string ensemble and soprano based on Homer’s Odyssey, for which she wrote the libretto, debuted in 2020, to be followed by Carmilla from the Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu novella. She has contributed to numerous print media, including Philadelphia Style Magazine and the Philadelphia Inquirer. In recent years, she has divided much of her time between Philadelphia and Dublin, all the better to be immersed in the worlds of really really good fiction and poetry, and fascinating stuff unearthed from underground. 


Courses Taught

fall 2024

ENGL 2355.401 Happily Ever After?  

spring 2024

fall 2023

ENGL 0372.301 Juvenilia  

summer 2023

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ENGL 121.601 Writing for Children  

spring 2014

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ENGL 121.601 Writing for T(w)eens  

fall 2010

ENGL 121.601 Writing for T(w)eens  

fall 2009

ENGL 121.601 Writing for T(w)een Readers