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Heather K. Love

Heather K. Love

Professor of English

Associate Chair

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Fisher-Bennett Hall 338

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Office Hours: Tues 9-10:30 am or by appointment

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Heather Love received her A.B. from Harvard and her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. Her research interests include gender and sexuality studies, twentieth-century literature and culture, affect studies, sociology and literature, disability studies, film and visual culture, and critical theory. She is the author of Feeling Backward: Loss and the Politics of Queer History (Harvard) and the editor of a special issue of GLQ on Gayle Rubin (“Rethinking Sex”) and the co-editor of a special issue of Representations ("Description Across Disciplines"). She has written on topics including comparative social stigma, compulsory happiness, transgender fiction, spinster aesthetics, and reading methods in literary studies. She is currently completing two books, one on the deviance studies roots of queer studies and one on practices of description in the humanities and social sciences after World War II.


Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Joan Lubin "Social Science Fictions: The Numeric Imaginary of Cold War America "
Clare Mullaney "American Imprints: Disability and the Material Text, 1858-1932 "


Don James McLaughlin "Infectious Affect: The Phobic Imagination in American Literature"
Mary Zaborskis "Erotics of Education: Queering Children in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Boarding Schools"


Lance Wahlert "The Clinical Gays and the Painful Reunion: Medical Spectatorship and Historiographical Practice in New Queer Cinema"


Todd Carmody "Intentional Communities: The Public Life of Race in American Literature, 1925–1961"

Courses Taught

fall 2020

spring 2019

ENGL 065.001 20th-Century British Novel canceled  
ENGL 790.401 Queer Method  

fall 2018

ENGL 290.401 The Modern Queer Novel  

spring 2016

fall 2015

ENGL 790.401 Queer Method  

spring 2014

fall 2013

fall 2012

ENGL 790.401 Queer Methods  

spring 2012

ENGL 390.401 Friendship  

fall 2011

ENGL 105.401 Disability Narratives  
ENGL 800.301 Pedagogy  

spring 2010

ENGL 105.401 Disability Narratives  

fall 2009

ENGL 016.401 Scenes of Teaching  
ENGL 799.401 Sociology and Literature  

spring 2009

ENGL 790.401 The Stigma Archive  

fall 2008

spring 2008

fall 2007

summer 2007

ENGL 261.950 Bloomsbury Experiments  

spring 2006

spring 2005

ENGL 801.302 Pedagogy  

fall 2004

spring 2004

ENGL 773.401 Affects of Modernity  

fall 2003

ENGL 065.001 20th Century British Novel  
ENGL 260.301 Theories of Sexuality