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Emily Steiner

Rose Family Endowed Term Professor of English


Fisher-Bennett Hall 312
Portrait of Emily Steiner

Emily Steiner received her BA from Brown University and her PhD from Yale. She is the author of three books, Documentary Culture and the Making of Medieval English Literature (Cambridge University Press, 2003), Reading 'Piers Plowman'  (Cambridge University Press, 2013), and John Trevisa's Information Age: Knowledge and the Pursuit of Literature, c.1400 (forthcoming, Oxford University Press).  She has co-edited several collection of essays, The Letter of the Law: Legal Practice and Literary Production in Medieval England (Cornell University Press, 2002), with Candace Barrington, Thinking Historically About Historicism (a special issue of the Chaucer Review, 2014), with Lynn Ransom, Taxonomies of Knowledge: Information and Order in Medieval Manuscripts (forthcoming, 2015), and with Jen Jahner and Elizabeth Tyler, The Cambridge History of History Writing: England and Britain, 500-1500. She is a trustee of the New Chaucer Society and Director of the International Piers Plowman Society. Her articles have appeared in The Yearbook of Langland Studies, New Medieval Literatures, Studies in the Age of Chaucer, Representations, and Exemplaria, among other journals.  Her research interests extend to natural history and the history of encyclopedism, law and literature, drama and ritual performance, and Jewish-Christian relations in the Middle Ages. Her teaching interests include Old English literature, Chaucer, Arthurian literature, and poetry of all periods.


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Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Matthew Aiello "Writing Under Duress: Trauma and Repetition in Early England, 1065-1250 "


Anna Johnson Lyman "Reading the Past: Ruins and Historical Writing in England, 800-1400"


Mariah Min "Damned If You Do: Judas Iscariot and the Invention of Medieval Literary Character"


Erika Smith Harman "The Art of the Question in Late Medieval England"
Sierra Lomuto "Exotic Allies: Mongol Alterity and Racial Formation in the Global Middle Ages, 1220-1400"


Jacqueline Marie Burek "Mending a Broken Chain: Continuous History and Literary Form in England and Wales, 1125-1450"


Alexander Devine "A Portable Feast: The Production and Use of the Thirteenth-Century Portable Bible 1200-1500 "
Lydia Yaitsky Kertz "Luxury, Aesthetics and Politics: The Social Lives of Medieval Romance "


Marie Turner "Beyond Romance: Genre and History in England, 1066-1400"


Cristina Pangilinan "Poetry and London Learning: Chaucer, Gower, USK, Langland and Hoccleve"

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ENGL 018.001 Old English  
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