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Robert Berry

Fisher-Bennett Hall 316

Robert Berry is the cartoonist and originator of “Ulysses ‘seen'”, a tablet-based graphic novel adaptation of James Joyce’s “Ulysses”. His work in the development of that project led to the creation of a unique platform for educational comics and the establishing of his own digital publishing company, THROWAWAY HORSE, where he serves as editor and artistic director on similar comic-to-learning adaptations of “The Waste Land”and “The Age of Bronze”.

Trained as a painter at Detroit’s Wayne State University he began making comics in 2005 and has worked for DC Comics as well as Seven Stories in their “Graphic Canon" editions. His illustrations for James Joyce’s “The Dead" were published in 2014 by Stoney Road Press and the James Joyce Centre in Dublin. His work has been seen in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Detroit, Chicago, New York, Dublin, Heidelberg and Trieste.

Courses Taught

spring 2024

fall 2023

ENGL 3510.301 Making Comics  

fall 2022

ENGL 3510.301 Making Comics canceled  

spring 2021

fall 2020

ENGL 122.301 Making Comics  

spring 2019

ENGL 122.301 Making Comics  

fall 2018

spring 2016

ENGL 122.301 Making Comics