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Sasha Dilan Krugman


Fisher-Bennett Hall 340


My work as predominantly focused on gendered depictions on-screen, nationalist interventions, and television studies in Turkey. Although my work mainly focuses on body politics and the implications of nationalism on-screen, I have a broad array of research interests.I have recently published an article on the representations of disabled bodies and freakshows in circus themed television programming and have an upcoming chapter on the employment of capitalist strategies in animation films currently in peer-review, pending publication. 

Articles and Book Chapters

"“We Need to Talk about The Lego Movie! Social Commentary and Consumer Culture in the Lego-Verse.”" edited by Brian Douchaney and David Silverman. Animated Mischief: Thirty Years of Cartoon Subversiveness 1988-2020 (2023)

Courses Taught

spring 2024

fall 2023

summer 2023

fall 2022

spring 2022

ENGL 078.402 Television and New Media  

spring 2021