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Nat Rivkin

I am a PhD Candidate in English at Penn. My research interests include premodern poetry, trans studies, and the history of sexuality. I am working on a dissertation that examines gender variance, race, and classical reception history in late medieval and early modern England. The project focuses on four specific figures: the monstrous birth, the hermaphrodite, the virgin, and the angel. I show how these literary figures challenge the fantasy of premodern England as a place where knights were knights, ladies were ladies, and everyone was white.

I received a BA in English and Gender & Women's Studies from Pomona College. I hold graduate certificates from the Program in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies and Penn's Center for Teaching and Learning. I was a coordinator of the Gen/Sex Working Group (2020–22) and the Med/Ren Working Group (2022–23). For the AY 2022–24, I am a Graduate Associate for the Trans Oral History Project run by the Center for Research in Feminist, Queer, and Transgender Studies. My writing has appeared or is forthcoming in ExemplariaMedieval Ecocriticisms, and the Routledge Companion to Queer Literary Studies.

Courses Taught

spring 2024

spring 2023

ENGL 4958.301 Bad Romances: Gawain to Gaga  

spring 2022

GSWS 002.001 Gender & Society  

fall 2021

GSWS 002.202 Gender & Society  
GSWS 002.205 Gender & Society  

spring 2021