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Austin Svedjan

Hamilton-Law Graduate Fellow

Austin Svedjan (any pronouns) is a doctoral student and Hamilton-Law Graduate Fellow in the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania, where they study sexuality studies, queer theory, and 20/21st century American cultural production. They hold a BA in English from the University of Houston and an MA in English with a certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies from Louisiana State University.

Austin’s writing appears or is forthcoming in ASAP/JBarthes Studies, The Southern Quarterly, among others. With John Paul Ricco, they are currently editing a special issue of Postmodern Culture on the “Afterlives of the Antisocial.” Prior editorial projects have included a cluster of ASAP/J, "Restless Flying: fragments" (co-edited with fahima ife), as well as the first special issue of South Atlantic Review in its 80+ year history dedicated to queer theory (co-edited with Horacio Sierra). 

They are currently thinking primarily about how accounting for the centrality of “bad sex” to the long twentieth century—and the various genres created as defenses against it—is instructive of a different kind of sexual politics than the one offered by feminist and queer theories, which tend to favor either orgasmic or traumatic sex.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, Austin is one of the coordinators of the Gender and Sexuality Working Group (Gen/Sex). 

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