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English Honors Recipients (by year):



Sophia Clark, “The Politics of Publishing African Children's Literature” 

Yehudith Dashevsky, “Translating Requiem”

Kristy Hsi, "Shifting Cultures and Identities in Asian-American Protagonists' Coming-of-Age Stories"

Lillianne Leight, “Interaction in Children’s Literature” 

Trang Luu, “Locating the Ghosts of Queer Subalternity in Monique Truong’s The Book of Salt

Eugenie Shin, “The Pictorial and The Ordinary in Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s Room and To the Lighthouse”

Derek Willie, "'A Nature Like Some Mighty River’: Description and the Erotics of History in George Eliot's Mill on the Floss"



Elizabeth Di Iulio, "'To be Loved and Chosen By a Good Man':  Dispelling the Feminist Myth:  Little Women as Sentimental-Religious Conduct Literature"  Director: Deborah Burnham

Elaine Ely, "Refracting Race:  Zoe Wicomb's Playing in the Light"  Director: Rita Barnard

Andrew Hines, "The Agrarian Flood:  Decoding the Absence of Race in I'll Take My Stand and the Attempts of Racial Reconciliation in Donald Davidson's Big Ballad Jamboree and Robert Penn Warren's Flood"  Director: Herman Beavers

Jennifer Jackson, "Classical Myth and Gender Politics in J.M. Coetzee's Foe"  Director: David Kazanjian

Aliza Machefsky, "'Not That Kind':  Plants from the New World and the Transformation of European Botanical Knowledge"  Director: Peter Stallybrass

Erica Machulak, "Experiments in Truth-Telling:  Pamela's Shift in Narrative Habit"  Director: Toni Bowers

Nicholas Mayer, "(De/Ef) Facing Shakespeare:  Investigating Joyce's Dramatization of Masochistic Cuckoldry in Exiles and 'Circe'"  Director: Jean-Michel Rabaté

Daniel McIntosh, "Beast with Two Backs:  Shakespeare and Political Theatre in Apartheid South Africa"  Director: Ania Loomba

Brooke Palmieri, "'What the Bees Have Taken Pains For":  Francis Daniel Pastorius, The Beehive, and Commonplacing in Colonial Pennsylvania"  Director: Peter Stallybrass

Alyssa Sclafani, "'Was Ever Audience in this Humour Won?':  Theatricality and Villainy in Othello and Richard III"  Director: Margreta de Grazia

Alexander Ullman, "James Joyce and Jazz Modernism"  Director: James English

Benjamin Wiebracht, "Traces of the Marvelous in Conrad's Nostromo: British Neocolonialism and the Rise of Magical Realism"  Director: Paul Saint-Amour



Matthew Abess, "Treasury of Song for the Home Circle"  Director: Kenneth Goldsmith

St. John Barned-Smith, "Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est;  Cicero and Caesar on 55th Street"  Director: Paul Hendrickson

Gabriel Crane, "The Mississippi Project"   Director: Al Filreis

Meghan Daly, "O curse of marriage": Othello, Race, and the Breakdown of Companionate

Adam Fachler, "Hitboys"   Director: Kathleen DeMarco Van Cleve

Livingston Ferguson, "Event Horizon"   Director: Deborah Burnham

Sheira Feuerstein

Elise Gabriel

Daniel Goldstein, "Break"  Director: Max Apple

Rebecca Kantor, "Enchantment"  Director: Max Apple

Lily Katz

Laura Kerr

Jane Kim

Kevin Kimura

Richard Lee

Stephen McLaughlin

Matthew Mulholland, "What Did Bob Dylan Say?"  Director: Charles Bernstein

Cynthia Padera, "The Spectator as Hero in the Theater of Tom Stoppard"

Jane Raisch

Charles Robinson

Pamela Rook, "Wall Dreams"  Director: Kathleen DeMarco Van Cleve

Aaron Stein

Kristin Williams



Pia Aliperti, "Un-Wintered"

Laura Brookover

Caitlin Charos

Maayan Dauber

Samuel Donsky, "Horoscopes for Horses"

Sara Gorman

Samantha Lazar

Anna Levett, "Chez Moi"  

Kate Liberman

Greer Longer

Rayna Lopyan

Jessica Pfeffer

Lindsey Rosin, "Other People"

Hillary Smith

Claire Stapleton

Amro Suboh

Julia Tamulis

Elaine Wong, "Will Teddy Leave:  Shoeshiners in the Reading Terminal Market"



April Anderson, "Vampire of Her Time: Reconsidering the Role of Florence Dombey in Charles Dickens's Dombey and Son"  Director: Nina Auerbach

Patrick Dillon, "Dimensions of Erewhon: The Modern Orpheus in Guy Davenport's 'The Dawn in Erewhon'."  Director: Charles Bernstein

Kathryn Fleishman, "Tee-hee! Quod She, My Vulgar Darling: Detecting the Adolescent Female Voice in Nabokov's Lolita and Chaucer's Miller's Tale."  Director: Rebecca Bushnell

Jessica Lahrman, "Metaphorical Illness in Hemingway's Works."  Director: David Espey

Ruth McAdams, "Gallimaufray and hellebore: Edmund Spenser and Ben Jonson in dialogue with the past."  Director: Sean Keilen

Moira Moody, "Significant Use: Examining the aesthetics of feeling in Robert Creeley's later poetry."  Director: Josephine Park

Ekaterina Napalkova, "Martyrs, Mothers, Soldiers: Gender Performativity and Gendered Intent in Thackeray's Vanity Fair."  Director: Jean-Michel Rabaté

Jonathan Passaro, "Reducing the Round Table: Visual and Textual Narrative Redaction in Medieval Arthurian Romance."  Director: Emily Steiner

Renee Pristas, "The Colony of the Victorian Orphan: Imperial Buttress or Debilitating Other?"  Director: Nancy Bentley

Neha Sharma, " 'Colonization in Reverse': Linguistic, Nationalist and Gender Discourse in Louis Bennett's Jamaica Labrish."  Director: Stuart Curran

Joseph Titano, "'A Capital Fellow': Heathcliff and Emily Bronte's Social Criticism."  Director: Sanjay Krishnan

Natalie Ward, "Iser's Aesthetic Response Theory Viewed in the Context of Collaborative Hyperfictions."  Director: James English



Andrew Amodeo, "Pagan Antiquity and Medieval Authorship"

Rachel Balik, "Sight for Sore Eyes: The Redemptive Powers of Genre as Art in The Winter's Tale"

Anne-Marie Bellshot, "Split Personality: Rebecca, Psycho, and Subverting the Feminine Gothic"

Ian Duncan, "Autobiography or Autrebiography: J. M. Coetzee's Memoirs"

Susanne Flood, "If I've Told You Once: Imitating Ovid in Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis"

Sarah Herold, "Artistic Representations of Women in Middlemarch"

Aryn Klich, "Langland's Quest to Redefine Vernacular Authority in Piers Plowman"

Kent Lasnoski, "Measure for Measure: A Parable of Community"

Adam Levin, "An Exhibition of the Internal: The Effects of Perception on Consciousness in Henry James's The Ambassadors"

Rebecca Richman, "Critics and Fans: A Reception History of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings"

Willa Rohrer, "'Stinging Red, Smarting Pink': The Ethics of Representation in Nabokov's Lolita."

Danielle Savitsky, "'Terrible Beauty': Desire, Glamour, and the Aesthetics of Tuberculosis"

Amir Shachmurove, "The Great Truth of Old Ideas: The English Past in Pride and Prejudice, Sybil, and Daniel Deronda."

Tom Zylkin, "The 'Difficult' Text: The Sound and the Fury and the Failure of Language"



Bindi Bhagat, "Marketing Fascism: Cultural Predispositions to Anti-Democratic Processes in 1930s America"

Robert Blum, "'Seeking Hopelessly to Fill the Void': Remedios Varo's Surrealism and Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49"

Johanna Busch, "Angel in the House, the Darwinian Female, and the New Woman: Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure, Models of Marriage, and the Irreconcilability of the Sexes"

Gregory Cooper, "Joyce and Picasso: Word, Image, and the Paradigm of Audience Perspective"

Ariel Djanikian, "Milan Kundera and the Epistemological Novel: An Essay on The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and Immortality"

Katherine Fox, "The Laughing Antiquary: 'Tam O'Shanter' and Robert Burns's Antiquarian Trade"

Vivian Hsu, "Revolutionary Politics and Philosophical Skepticism in Shelley's Poetry and Prose"

Lynn Huang, "Between Manuscript and Print: George Gascoigne as the Professional Poet."

Christopher McCloskey, "Framing The Portrait of a Lady: Contexts of Revision"

Megan Scanlon, "Just Rewards for an Intimate Teacher: Explaining the Popularity and the Pedagogy of Erica Jong's Fear of Flying"

Megan Seah, "The Monk and the Burden of Virtue: Dissembling Vice"

Nancy Sun, "De Quincey Who 'Boasteth Himself to Be a Philosopher': Reinterpreting Coleridgean Ideals in the Confessions"

Eleanor Tai, "Twilight Sleep: Edith Wharton the Modernist"

Robert Tawse, "Milton Negotiates the Muse: Orpheus, the Hebrew Prophets, and the Miltonic Model"

Sara Zenreich, "'The language she told it in': Multivocality and Dialogization of Gender in Toni Morrison's Beloved"



Matthew Blackstone, "Second-Hand Trauma: Why and How Non-Survivors Must Represent the Holocaust."  Director: Herman Beavers

Julie Brown, "The Expressive Interior in Wallace Stevens's Poetry."  Director: Susan Stewart

Nikki Cyter, "'The Hive Itself Does Speak': The Language of the Commonplace in Pastorius's Beehive Manuscript and Shakespeare'sHamlet."  Director: Peter Stallybrass

Elizabeth Denburg, "Stowe's 'Anti-Patriarchal Operation': Negotiating Race and Gender in Uncle Tom's Cabin."  Director: Eric Cheyfitz

Elizabeth Donaldson, "Janeites and Their Discontent."  Director: John Richetti

Paul Flynn, "The Visual Novel: The Artistic Role of the Printed Text in Prose."  Director: Erin O'Connor

Rachel Friedman, "Staging Silence: Re-Imagining the Women in Shakespeare's Othello."  Director: Cary Mazer

Sharon Fulton, "Compilation as Containment."  Director: David Wallace

Adam Gordon, "Reading in the Dark: Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym."  Director: Joan Dayan

Caedmon Haas, "'What whiteness will you add to this whiteness / what candour?': Language and Paradise in the Pisan Cantos."  Director: Susan Stewart

Blake Harrison, "Wandering in the Twilight of the Aura: Robert Walser and Walter Benjamin as Modernist Flaneurs."  Director: Jean-Michel Rabaté

Leah Hooper, "'You're but a pun-y': Hegemony, Resistance, and Play in Joyce's Finnegans Wake."  Director: Vicki Mahaffey

Melanie Kefalidis, "The Ideology of The Bell Jar: Mademoiselle, Mass Culture and Images of Women."  Director: Rita Barnard

Marissa Miley, "Reconsidering Dickens and His Illustrious Affairs with Melodramatists and Realists."  Director: Michael Gamer

Tristan Schweiger, "Samples of the Finest Orientalism: Byron the Anti-Imperialist."  Director: Stuart Curran



Suzy Berger, "Who is on the cover of this book?": Interpreting Othello in an Urban Classroom."  Director: Jean Howard

Laura Sieh Chu, "An Infusion of Architecture: Renovating a Symbolic Reading of Chaucer's The Knight's Tale."  Director: Emily Steiner

Akiva Fox, "'The Fruit of that Forbidden Tree': The Many Meanings of a Central Object of Paradise Lost."  Director: Sean Keilen

Elizabeth Ketels, "Sanctifying American 'Individualism': Franklin's Autobiography in Emerson's 'Self-Reliance'."  Director: Eric Cheyfitz

Sara Murphy, "A Poet's Progress: Bunyanesque Walking in Blake's Milton."  Director: Daniel Traister

Yaran Noti, "Pieces of Poetry and Poetry in Pieces: A Print History of Spenser's Faerie Queene."  Director: Peter Stallybrass

Afia Ofori-Mensa, "'A Way to Fly between Them': First-Generation American Literature and Identity.  Director: Michael Awkward

Jonathan Petts, "Of Mentors and Malays: Thomas De Quincey and the Exorcism of Wordsworthian Aesthetics."  Director: Susan Stewart

Rudy Ramirez, "Rock Stars! Celebrities! James Joyce!: Pop Novels and Ulysses."  Director: Vicki Mahaffey

Brenner Thomas, "Arts and Letters: Epistolarity in Pamela."  Director: Toni Bowers

Melissa Torres, "Communities without Boundaries: Redefining Language in Ulysses."  Director: Vicki Mahaffey

Alex Wong, "Outside the Love Triangle: Empire, Aesthetics and Sexuality in the Novels of Willa Cather."  Director: Max Cavitch



Kate Alex, "The Conception of British Women's Literary Authority: Authorship, Motherhood, and the English Reformation."  Director: Rita Copeland

Katherine Ambrogi, "Expressive Nations: Music in the National Tale."  Director: Michael Gamer

Meghan Bilton, "DIDACTIC SENSATIONALISM: Evidence of Social Critique within Wilkie Collins' 1860s Fiction."  Director: Erin O'Connor

Rachel Burton, "Unrealized Claims of a So-Called 'Revolutionary' Movement: An Examination of Robert Kendall's Hypertext Poetry."  Director: Bob Perelman

Melissa Duclos, "The Black Mountain Poets: Individuals Forced into a School."  Director: Al Filreis

Susanna Goldfinger, "Mining the Colonial Imagination: Desire and Possession in John Donne's Elegy 19."  Director: Sean Keilen

Jack Guinn, "Visionary Perspectives from Errant Children."  Director: Gregory Flaxman

Pamela Kuklinski, "Oppressed Race and Repressed Desires: The Homophobic Reception of James Baldwin."  Director: Herman Beavers

Rumela Mitra, "Oscar Wilde: Life and Art as Intertwined Texts."  Director: Erin O'Connor

Jasmine Park, "The Plastic Sublime: A Cultural History of the iMac."  Director: Jean-Michel Rabaté

Elizabeth Radin, "To the Beat of a Different Drum: Reading the American Beat Generation through French Surrealism."  Director: Bob Perelman

Robin Rolewicz, "Creating Identities: Criticism, Authorship, and the Nation in Novels."  Director: Michael Gamer

Greg Steirer, "Cooper's __________: Narrating Absence in Safe."  Director: Nancy Bentley

Elysa Voshell, "'Smile Please, Not Quite So Serious': Humor and Subversion in Jean Rhys's Good Morning, Midnight."  Director: Max Cavitch

Kristen Webster, "'Dear Diary': The Defense and Affirmation of Identity in the Early Journals of Frances Burney and James Boswell."  Director: John Richetti