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Vicki Mahaffey

Vicki Mahaffey received her Ph.D. from Princeton, with a specialty in Modernism and modern Irish literature. Her /Reauthorizing Joyce/ was published in hardcover by Cambridge University Press and in paperback by Florida University Press. /States of Desire: Wilde, Yeats, Joyce, and the Irish Experiment/ was published by Oxford University Press in 1998. She has received Ira Abrams Award for Distinguished Teaching and the Lindback Award for teaching; she is a Guggenheim Fellow and a member of the Board of Trustees of the International James Joyce Foundation. She is currently finishing two books: Literary Modernism: An Introduction, and The Joyce of Everyday Life.

Since retiring from Penn, Prof. Mahaffey has held the chair of Modern Literature at the University of York, England, and she is currently the Clayton and Thelma Kirkpatrick Chair of English and Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Illinois.

Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Veronica Schanoes "Re-Visionary Fantasies: Feminism, Fairy Tales, and Revision"
Emily Zinn "Rewriting the Kitchen: Gender and Food in Contemporary Fiction"


Carolyn A. Lesnick "The End of Decline: Anglo-Irish Literature of the Big House"
John P. Lessard "Entertaining Cinema: Hollywood, Globalization, and the Geography of Cultural Value"


Bronwyn Beistle "Honeyed Secrets: Authority, Sexuality, and Flower Imagery in Women's Literature from Wollstonecraft to McGukian"
Cynthia Port "'Nothing by Change': Women's Economies of Aging, 1919-1939"


Michael Barsanti "Law Like Love: Marriage, Law, and the Modern Novel"
Maurice Black "The Art of Code"


Kerry Moore "Mourning Loss: The Place of the Object in Narrative Fantasy"


Po Fang "The Aesthetics of Self-Fashioning: Pater, Wilde, and Yeats"


Amanda Mason "Intimacy, Politics, and Virginia Woolf: A Queered-Feminist Analysis"


Eugene McGarry "Incarnation and Intertextuality in Faulkner's Major Novels"


Kathryn Anne Conrad "Stag/nation: Reproducing the Irish National Subject"


Barbara Lonnquist "James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, Two-Tongue Common Readers: Egypt and the Rites of Allusion in Finnegan's Wake and Between the Acts"


David Lawrence "Figuring the Flesh: The Intimate Horrors of Authority"


David Herman "Universal Grammar and Narrative Form: Structure, Meaning Context"
Lisa Myers "Embodied Voices: Public and Private Self-Presentation in Modern Poetry"
Joseph Valente "James Joyce and the Problem of Justice: Crossing Sexual and Colonial Differences"


Jill Rosser "The Modern Solution: Absence and the Unsaid in Henry James and Samuel Beckett"


Allyson Booth "Post Cards from the Trenches: Negotiating the Space Between Modernism and the First World War"


Henriette Lazaridis Power "Shahrazade's Wake: The Arabian Nights and the Narrative Dynamics of Charles Dickens and James Joyce"

Courses Taught

fall 2005

ENGL 258.401 Homer and Joyce  
ENGL 768.301 Joyce  

summer 2005

ENGL 261.950 Virginia Woolf  

spring 2004

ENGL 016.304 Feminist Fairy Tales  
ENGL 365.301 Finnegans Wake  

fall 2003

ENGL 365.401 Yeats  
ENGL 581.301 Oscar Wilde  

spring 2003

ENGL 290.403 Feminist Fairy Tales  

fall 2002

ENGL 365.401 Homer and Joyce  
ENGL 768.301 Joyce  

spring 2002

fall 2001

ENGL 365.401 Homer & Joyce  
ENGL 592.301 Feminist Fairy Tales  

summer 2001

ENGL 067.950 London in Literature  

spring 2001

ENGL 210.401 Modernism  
ENGL 365.301 Oscar Wilde  

fall 2000

ENGL 290.403 Topics In Women & Literature canceled  
ENGL 390.401 Feminist Fairy Tales  
ENGL 568.301 Yeats  

fall 1998

ENGL 063.001 Irish Literature  

spring 1998

fall 1997

ENGL 290.401 Topics in Women and Literature canceled  

summer 1997

ENGL 067.950 London in Literature  

spring 1997

fall 1996

ENGL 104.001 The 20th Century  

spring 1996

ENGL 290.401 Feminist Fairy Tales  

fall 1995

ENGL 290.402 Feminist Fairy Tales canceled  
ENGL 592.401 Feminist Mythstories  

fall 1979

ENGL 093.001 Major British Writers I