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Eric Cheyfitz

Eric Cheyfitz

Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Yoonmee Chang "Beyond the Culture Ghetto: Asian American Class Critique and the Ethnographic Bildungsroman"
Mark Rifkin "Manifesting America: Imperialism and National Space, 1776-1861"


Kendall A. Johnson "America Seen: Henry James's Picturesque and the Science of Culture"


Josh Bellin "The Demon of the Continent: American Literature, Indian Conversion and the Dynamics of Cultural Exchange"

Courses Taught

spring 2003

fall 2002

ENGL 283.401 Race, Law and Literature  

spring 2002

ENGL 100.401 Intro. To Literary Study  

fall 2001

spring 2001

fall 2000

ENGL 285.301 Native American Literature  

spring 1999

fall 1998

ENGL 286.401 Native American Literature  

spring 1998

ENGL 082.001 American Literature to 1870  

fall 1997

ENGL 204.402 Literary Theory  
ENGL 571.401 Literary Theory  

fall 1995

spring 1995

ENGL 204.001 Literary Theory  

fall 1994