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Sanjay Krishnan

Sanjay Krishnan received his PhD from Columbia University, with a specialization in postcolonial literature and theory. He is currently working on how literary texts in Britain and Malaya depicted the cultural impact of colonial capitalism in the Malay Archipelago during the nineteenth century. Along these lines, he is generally interested in the forms of modern European colonial governance that took shape around the circuits of trade and commodity exchange rather than territorial control. In his work this has led to an exploration of the links between literature, economic history and political theory. His interests also include theories of globalization, critical theory, the novel, modernism, twentieth century British and world literature.

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Courses Taught

fall 2007

ENGL 093.001 Introduction to Postcolonial Literature canceled  
ENGL 260.301 Modernism and World Literature canceled  

spring 2007

ENGL 077.401 Literature and Empire  

fall 2006

ENGL 311.301 The Honors Program  

spring 2006

ENGL 060.001 The Rise of the Novel  

fall 2005

ENGL 311.301 The English Honors Program  

spring 2004

ENGL 060.001 Major British Novel  

fall 2003

ENGL 260.401 Advance Topics in Narrative  

spring 2003

ENGL 601.301 Proseminar  

spring 2002

ENGL 093.001 Literature & Society  

fall 2001

ENGL 093.001 Literature & Society