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The English UAB

The English Undergraduate Advisory Board (UAB) is a group of dedicated students who take charge of initiatives and events designed to foster a sense of community in the Undergraduate Program of the Department of English. The UAB serves as the voice for undergraduates to the department.


The UAB has two headlining activities: The Winter Social, a themed reception held early in the spring to celebrate the Penn English community; the UAB chooses a theme and decide on any desired swag and refreshments. In some years, the UAB also selects a text to be read over break and informally discussed at the reception; and Teaching and Advising Prizes, for which the UAB facilitates the selection of faculty for two major awards and announces them at the department’s end-of-year reception. 


And the English UAB does much, much more! Over the years, this lively board has hosted distinguished writers and scholars, including Monty Python’s Terry Jones and bestselling authors Susan Jane Gilman and (Penn English Alum!) Jennifer Egan; run marathon readings like “Austen ‘til it Hurts” and a faculty-student play – an extremely abridged version of Shakespeare’s complete works. Recently, the UAB has presided over a number of gatherings – festive and ruminative – to bring students together and launched a newsletter to feature stellar courses and students.


The English Undergraduate Advisory Board welcomes new members! Please contact Prof. Toni Bowers, Dr. Becky Friedman, and/or Prof. Jean-Christophe Cloutier if you'd like to join!


The first meeting of the 2022–23 academic year will take place on Thursday, September 22 at 7:30pm. Please join us in the Faculty Lounge of Fisher-Bennett Hall (room 135) to learn more about the UAB and to meet others in the Penn English undergraduate community.



Previous UAB Events and Reading Projects