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Undergraduate Minor

Minoring in English is simple. Of your six total courses, we ask only that you take at least one upper-level seminar (any course numbered 0500-0599; 0700-0799; 2000-2999; 5000-5999) and either English 1020, English 1820, or another English course that focuses primarily on pre-1800 materials (attributes AE18, AEB7, AEMR).

As English offers several interdisciplinary courses each semester – from courses in Literature and Science, Literature and Law, and Literature and Medicine, to seminars in African-American, Asian-American, Latinx, and global Anglophone literary cultures – students will often find the English Minor a meaningful way of supplementing their chosen majors in other departments.

We encourage you to use your minor to pursue an individualized course of study based in your own interests, either by exploring in depth a special area of focus or by conducting a broad survey of literary history and theory. Students interested in Creative Writing, for example, can take up to four creative writing seminars (0700-0799; 3000-3999). A number of 2000-level seminars may have creative components as well. 

With prior approval of the Undergraduate Chair or the Associate Undergraduate Chair, you may count one literature course from another department. Courses in the Critical Writing Program (those coded as WRIT) do not count in the minor.

Declaring the Minor

To declare a minor in English, you can meet with the Undergraduate Chair or Associate Undergraduate Chair, or you can also declare simply by emailing one of us. We are happy to go over any questions you may have.

Once you are ready to declare the minor, you must initiate the process in Path@Penn by using the “Declare/Update Field of Study” form:

- Go to the Path Forms page:

- Click on the “Declare/Update Field of Study” link. A pop-out page should bring you to a page with clear Instructions to follow.

- Select the appropriate request (e.g. Add an additional Major/Concentration or Minor) and complete the form.

Once you complete the form it will be sent to the department for approval and then onto the College Office.