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Penn English boasts two London programs:


Penn-In-London: Five-Week Summer Session 

The Summer Abroad in London is hosted through Penn Summer. For more information, visit their website:


Penn London Program: Fall Semester Program at King’s College London 

Quick facts:

  • The Penn London Program is open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are declared English majors and minors.
  • Students live in university residence halls with British students, are full-fledged members of their respective colleges and of the University of London, and are thus welcome to participate in all student activities.
  • A faculty member from Penn's English Department serves as Resident Director in London and arranges other excursions and cultural events for Penn English students only. The Director usually teaches a course at King's but is also available (with the Program's graduate assistant) to conduct independent studies in his or her area of expertise.
  • Students receive full credit for the courses they take when they return to Penn.
  • Students' usual financial aid package will continue to apply to the term they are abroad.
  • Participants pay the usual Penn tuition (living costs like room and board, etc. do fluctuate according to the exchange rate).


About the program:

For more than two decades, the Penn London Program has provided its participants with a chance to live and study in London alongside British students while eliminating the problem of transferring credits back to their home institution. Unlike other study-abroad programs at Penn, the Penn English Program in London is specifically sponsored by the Penn English Department, and is fully integrated into the English program here at home. All courses you take at King's College count toward your English major or English minor. You work closely with the Undergraduate Chair and Associate Undergraduate Chair to ensure that your curriculum fits with your major at Penn.

Because the program boasts a Penn Faculty Director and a budget for theater and travel, the program dramatically enhances students' typical study-abroad experience. Students have the opportunity to study at University of LondonKings College London. With superb faculty, King's has a deserved reputation in Medieval, Renaissance, and Modernist literature.

The centerpiece of the program is the Penn theater course (ENGL 0137). Participants study with a renowned theater critic and visit the theater weekly as part of this course. Students then take three additional courses at their home institution (King's College). You also have the option of doing a fifth course by taking an independent study (ENGL 0999) with the London Program Director or Graduate Assistant; this is arranged one-on-one with the Director.

Of course, the other celebrated highlights of Penn English Program in London are its excursions - both in London and to places like Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge, and Bath - all sponsored by the program.



The Penn English Program in London is open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are declared English majors or minors. All applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. A cumulative GPA of at least 3.3. If you are an English major, you also need a GPA of at least 3.5 in the major.
  2. You will have taken at least three English courses (not including Critical Writing) by the time you arrive at King’s College London.

As many of these as possible should be English literature courses, preferably across a range of literary periods. Since the Film and American Studies programs at KCL are separate from the Department of English, we strongly recommend taking a variety of core literature surveys before heading to London.

You will also need a recommendation from a Penn professor who knows you well. This will be requested directly by King's College London via auto-generated email to the professor once you input the information as part of your application. Since the email will only be generated after you do the application, we strongly suggest you complete the application at least one week before the due date, to give the professor enough time to write the recommendation.

Ready to learn more? Attend one of the English Department's information sessions about the program (complete with tea and scones)! Information sessions are held every November, December, January, and February with Loretta M. Witham Turner, the Undergraduate Coordinator for the English Department. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment to meet with Loretta by emailing Her office is 130 Fisher-Bennett Hall. 

Ready to apply? Make an appointment with the Penn Abroad Office. They will work with you to open your application and help you navigate all necessary documentation and deadlines.

Done applying? Don’t forget to schedule an appointment with Dr. Srilata Gangulee in the College Advising Office, 120 Cohen Hall, by emailing She will ensure you are good academic standing and approved to study abroad.


Past Penn London Program Faculty Directors and Graduate Students:


Faculty Director(s)

Graduate Students


Josephing Park TBA


Canceled due to the impact of COVID



Canceled due to the impact of COVID



Emily Steinlight

Zachary Fruit


David Wallace

Shona Adler


Heather Love

Riley McGuire


Michael Gamer

Daniel Davies


Nancy Bentley

Sarah Townsend


Toni Bowers

Dianne Mitchell


Zachary Lesser

Christine Woody


David Kazanjian

Alan Niles


Timothy Corrigan

Marina Bilbija


David L. Eng

Claire Bourne


Peter Decherney

Jen Jahner


Peter Conn

Megan Cook


Jim English

John Connor


Suvir Kaul & Ania Loomba

Ian Cornelius & Joshua Ratner