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Graduate English Doctoral Alumni

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Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Robert Harold Byington

MacEdward Leach The "Gentleman Killer;" An American Folk Hero

Nathan Robert Carb Jr.

Edwin Courtlandt Bolles The Social Plays of Sir Arthur Wing Pinero: An Old Answer to a New Question

Ralph Schultz Graber

Thomas Philip Haviland The Fugitive Poems of Richard Henry Wilde, with an Introduction

Lawrence Edward Guinn

Harold Saegar Stine English Runes and Runic Writing: The Development of the Runes and their Employment

Kenneth William Keuffel

Maurice O. Johnson The "Great Man" in English Satire, 1710-1743

Doris Ross McCrosson

Edwin Courtlandt Bolles The Novels of Walter de la Mare

Nixon Mumper

Matthew Wilson Black A Critical Edition of Love Tricks, or The School of Compliment, by James Shirley

James Joseph Napier

Edgar Leroy Potts Joseph Hergesheimer: A Critical Study

Weldon Norman Niva

Matthew Wilson Black Significant Character Names in English Drama to 1603

Philip Louis Rizzo

Edwin Courtlandt Bolles Rose Macaulay: A Critical Survey

Ruthe Turner Sheffey

Maurice O. Johnson The Literary Reputation of Aphra Behn

Janet Bell Stamm

Matthias Adam Shaaber A Study of Shakespeare's Comedies

Howard Hoover Thompson

Matthias Adam Shaaber An Edition of Two Seventeenth Century Manuscript Poetical Miscellanies

Francis Wayland Warlow

Robert Earnest Spiller Marianne Moore

Robert Finis White Jr

Edwin Courtlandt Bolles The Literary Reputation of Virginia Woolf: A History of British Attitudes toward her Work, 1915-1955
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Gerald Martin Bordman

MacEdward Leach The Folklore Motifs in the Matter of England Romances

Homer Theodore Cox

Theophilus Ernest Martin Boll Henry Seton Marriman: A Critical Survey

Headley Morris Cox Jr

Edward Sculley Bradley The Charleston Poetic Renascence, 1920-1930

James Joseph Devlin

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten John Banks' "The Albion Queens." A Critical Edition

Cecil Degrote Eby

Thomas Philip Haviland A Critical Biograpy of David Hunter Strother

Edward Lawrence Galligan

Robert Earnest Spiller Within Limits: The Novels of James Gould Cozzens

Stephen Hogue Goode

John Mark Longaker British War Poetry of the Second World War

Jack William Herring

Paul Cliff Kitchen Critical Attitudes Toward Browning since His Death

Joseph Aloysius Lauritis

Albert Croll Baugh A Critical Edition of Lydgate's Life of Our Lady, Book V and VI

Hunter Pell McCartney

Ann Rosalind Jones The Letters of Leigh Hunt int he Luther A. Brewer Collection: 1816-1825

Thomas Edwin McCrory

Paul Cliff Kitchen Browning and Dante

Hubert Ray Pellman

Thomas Philip Haviland Thomas Hooker, A Study in Puritan Ideals

Charles Augustus Rahter

Allan G. Chester A Critical Edition of Churchyard's Challenge (1593) by Thomas Churchyard, with some Notes on the Author's Life and Works

Dale Bertrand Jonas Randall

Matthias Adam Shaaber Renaisasnce English Translations of Non-chivalric Spanish Fiction
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Verne Henry Bovie

Robert Earnest Spiller The Evolution of a Myth: A Study of the Major Symbols in the Works of Ernest Hemingway

Earle Talbot Crooker

Edgar Leroy Potts The American Musical Play

Thomas Jay Garbaty

John Mark Longaker The Savoy, 1896; A Re-edition of Representative Prose and Verse, with a Critical Introduction and Biographical and Critical Notes

Sister St. Agnes Heeney

Robert Earnest Spiller The Cathedral in Four Major New England Authors: A Study in Symbolic Inspiration

James Gordon Hepburn

Theophilus Ernest Martin Boll The Mind and Art of Arnold Bennett

Eleanor Newman Hutchness

Maurice O. Johnson Verbal Irony in "Tom Jones"

Catharine Topper Iannarelli

Albert Croll Baugh Marian Lyrics in Middle English

Walter Butler Kelly

Maurice O. Johnson Samuel Boyse

William Edward Miller

Allan G. Chester Abraham Fleming, Elizabethan Man of Letters: A Biographical and Critical Study

David Mitsugi Ohara

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten The Comic Perspective in Restoration Drama

Clyde DeLoache Ryals

John Mark Longaker Decadence, in British Literature before the fin de si├Ęcle

Daniel Webster Smyths

Thomas Philip Haviland Robert Frost's Poetry as Self-Clarification

Abby Ann Sutherland

Frank Alan Laurie, Jr. Robert Burns and James Hogg: A Comparison

Eloise Wilson

MacEdward Leach Lynn Riggs: Oklahoma Dramatist

William Hood Wishmeyer

Morse Peckham The Myth in "The Ring and the Book"

Ernest Charles York

Albert Croll Baugh The Mirror of the Periods of Man's Life
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

J. Gysbert Bouma

Edward Sculley Bradley A Study of the Prose Style of William Carlos Williams

Thomas Dean Clareson

Robert Earnest Spiller The Emergence of American Science Fiction, 1880-1915: A Study of the Impact of Science on American Romanticism

Ralph Leighton Curry

Edward Sculley Bradley Stephen Leacock, Humorist and Humanist

Samuel Ridgeway Levin

Harold Saegar Stine Negative Contractions with Old English Verbs

William Harvey Marshall

Frederick Lafayette Jones The Liberal: 1822-1823

Joel Conrad Mickelson

Robert Earnest Spiller Attitudes of Americans in France Toward Contemporary French Political Life, 1860-1914

Sven Eric Molin

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten John Wesley's Techniques in Revising Literary Masterpieces for His Methodist Audience

Gordon Marshall Pitts

Morse Peckham The Poetry of John Byrne Leicester Warren, Lord DeTabley, Exclusive of the Dramas

Howard Hugh Schless

Albert Croll Baugh Chaucer and Dante: A Revaluation

George Arthur Small

Robert Earnest Spiller American Dramatic Comedy: 1900-1950

Harry Dyer Sprowles Jr

Thomas Philip Haviland The Search for Thomas Wolfe with Particular Stress Upon the Meaning of the Amatory Theme

Robert Brenner Thornburg

Matthias Adam Shaaber A Survey of Sixteenth-Century English Religious Verse
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Carl Lennart Anderson

Robert Earnest Spiller The Swedish Reception of Sinclair Lewis and his Contemporaries

William Robert Bittner

Robert Earnest Spiller The Novels of Waldo Frank

Carl Sietz Criswell

Edward Sculley Bradley Lloyd Mifflin: His Art and Poetry

Mary Dickson De Piza

Edward Sculley Bradley Celia Thaxter: Poet of the Isles of Shoals

Peter Dechert

Edward Sculley Bradley Edwin Arlington Robinson and Alanson Tucker Schumann: A Study in Influences

Ephraim Bryson Everitt

Matthias Adam Shaaber Edmund Ironside: A Modern Edition with a Descriptive Analysis

Charles Lee

Edward Sculley Bradley The Book-of-the-Month Club: The Story of a Publishing Institution

Richard Kilburn Meeker

Maurice O. Johnson Experiments in Point of View: Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Narrators in the Eighteenth Century, English Novel

John Thomas Queenan

Robert Earnest Spiller The Port Folio: A Study of an Early American Magazine

Thomas Rogers

Maurice O. Johnson Robert Blair and "The Grave"

Walter Francis Staton Jr

Matthias Adam Shaaber The Significance of the Literary Career of Thomas Nashe
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Edith T. Aney Davidson

John Mark Longaker British Poetry of Social Protest in the 1930's

Robert M. Davies

Robert Earnest Spiller The Religious Humanism of Paul Elmer More

Vincent C. Flanagan

Matthias Adam Shaaber A Survey of the Life and Works of Thomas Adams

Frederic E. Haun

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten The Libretti of the Restoration Opera in English: A Study in Theatrical Genres

Joseph F. Hosey

Morse Peckham Physical Science in Newman's Thought

Sarah D. Jones

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten The Treatment of Religious and National Types in Late Eighteenth Century Drama

Hugh Pendexter III

Thomas Philip Haviland A Critical Study of the Poetry of Robert Pater Tristram Coffin

James E. Ruoff

Matthew Wilson Black A Critical Edition of "Arviragus and Philicia" (1639) by Lodowick Carlell

Sister Marie Emily Smith

John Mark Longaker A Biographical and Critical Study of Dora Sigerson Shorter (1866-1918)

Harold L. Stenger

Matthias Adam Shaaber "The Second Maiden's Tragedy": A Modernized Edition with an Introduction

Richard J. Stonesifer

John Mark Longaker W. H. Davies: A Critical Biography

Maurice W. Wasserman

Thomas Philip Haviland The American Indian as Seen by the 17th Century Chroniclers

John C. Wentz

Edward Sculley Bradley The Hedgerow Theater: An Historical Study
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

George L Anderson

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Charles Gildon's "The New Rehearsal, or Bays the Younger

Robert G. Collmer

Allan G. Chester The Concept of Death in the Poetry of Donne, Herbert, Crashaw, and Vaughan

Claude E. Dierolf

Edgar Leroy Potts The Pageant Drama and American Pageantry

James R. Frakes

Edward Sculley Bradley Ring Lardner, A Critical Survey

Harold E. Hall

Robert Earnest Spiller James Kirke Paulding

Ihab H. Hassan

John Mark Longaker French Symbolism and Modern British Poetry

C. Fenno Hoffman

Allan G. Chester Roger Ascham and Humanist Education in Sixteenth-Century England

Richard E. Hunter (Rev.)

Allan G. Chester William Whittingham

Marcus Konick

Albert Croll Baugh The Authorship of "Sir Ferumbras": Ashmole MS. 33 of the Bodleian Library, Oxford

Edith Smith Krappe

MacEdward Leach King Ponthus and the Fair Sidone: A Critical Edition

William T. Reich

Matthew Wilson Black "Claricilla," by Thomas Killigrew: A Critical Edition

Marianne G. Riely

Matthew Wilson Black A Critical Edition of "The Whore of Babylon", by Thomas Dekker

Edward H. Rosenberry

Robert Earnest Spiller The Comic Spirit in the Art of Herman Melville

M. George Thomas

Edwin Courtlandt Bolles The Poetry of Sarojini Naidu
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Horace Palmer Beck

MacEdward Leach Ballads and Songs from Down East

Paul Esmond Bennett

Matthias Adam Shaaber A Critical Edition of "A Knack to Know a Knave"

Gordon Ward Couchman

Maurice O. Johnson William Falconer: Seaman Poet; A Study of "The Shipwreck"

Vernon Francis Gallagher

Albert Croll Baugh Lydgate's "Life of Our Lady": A Critical Edition of Books III and IV

Helmut Emil Gerber

Theophilus Ernest Martin Boll J. D. Beresford: A Study of His Works and Philosophy

Ammon George Kershner Jr

Frank Alan Laurie, Jr. Ralph Hodgson: A Biographical and Critical Study

James Roy King

Matthias Adam Shaaber A Study of the Relationship of Stylistic and Thematic Variation in Jeremy Taylor's Prose

Sister Francis Ines Moloney

John Mark Longaker Katherine Tynan Hinkson: A Study of Her Poetry

Nancy Rafetto Leach

MacEdward Leach Edith Wharton: Critic of American Life and Literature

Ruth Robinson Ross

Thomas Philip Haviland Four Community Subscription Libraries in Colonial Pennsylvania: Darby, Hatboro, Lancaster and Newton (1743-1790)

Igor Alexander Shavelenko

Allan G. Chester English Metrical Propaganda and Other Partisan Verse: 1525-1600

Archie Mervin Tyson

Matthew Wilson Black Every Woman in Her Humor: A Critical Edition
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Raymond A Biswanger Jr

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Thomas D'Urfey's "The Richmond Heiress: Or, A Woman Once in the Right"

George E Blair

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten The Plays of the Romantic Poets

Joseph Leo Blotner

Robert Earnest Spiller Thorne Smith: A Study in Popular Fiction

Amy Marie Charles

Matthew Wilson Black The Poetry of Ralph Knevet (1601-v 1671)

Stanley Arnold Clayes

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Richard Duke's Satires on the Popish Plot

William Little Edgerton

Matthew Wilson Black Nicholar Udall: Humanist

John Greenway

MacEdward Leach American Folksongs of Social and Economic Protest

Toselli Del Guercio

Paul Cliff Kitchen Ethics in George Eliot's Letters, Essays, and Fiction

Albert George Hofammann Jr

Robert Earnest Spiller Faulkner's Conflicting Galaxies: A Study in Literary Polarity

Ralph Albert Klinefelter

Albert Croll Baugh Lydgate's Life of Our Lady: A Critical Edition of Books I and II

Mervin Ray Lowe

Robert Earnest Spiller Stephen Crane's "The Red Badge of Courage": A Study of a Novel

Charles Carroll Mish

Matthias Adam Shaaber English Prose Fiction, 1600-1642: A Survey

Ralph Christian Most

Arthur Hobson Quinn Civil War Fiction, 1890-1920

Joseph Carman Reino

Harold Saegar Stine Significant Repetition and Echo in the "Beowulf"

Edna Vorhees Stover Pullinger

Albert Croll Baugh An Edition of the Middle English Treatise "A Myrour to Lewde Men and Women"

John Hale Sutherland

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Robert Bage: A Study in the Novel of Ideas

Julius H Tolson

Arthur Hobson Quinn Dion Boucicault
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Abraham Bronson Feldman

Matthew Wilson Black Dutch Influence in the Tudor Theater

John Henry Freehafer

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten The Emergence of Sentimental Comedy, 1660-1707

Marcia Kelley Miller

MacEdward Leach "The Dierdre Legend" in English Literature

Powell Burwell Rogers

Albert Croll Baugh A Father's Instructions to his Son, MS. Cotton Vespasian D.XIII

Donald Walker Sanville

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Thomas D'Urfey's Love for Money, or the Boarding School: an Edition, with Introduction and Notes