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Graduate English Doctoral Alumni

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Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Mary Angela Bennett

Arthur Hobson Quinn Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

Robert E. Blanc

Edward Sculley Bradley James McHenry (1785-1845) Playwright and Novelist

Marion Bodwell Smith

Matthew Wilson Black Marlowe's Imagery and the Marlowe Canon
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Ermo Joseph Gergely

Arthur Hobson Quinn American Adaptations of Hungarian Drama on the New York Stage

Constance Magee Griffin

Arthur Hobson Quinn Henry Blake Fuller

Martin Ignatius Joseph Griffin

Arthur Hobson Quinn Frank R. Stockton

Kenneth Chester Slagle

John Cooper Mendenhall The English Squire as Depicted in English Prose Fiction from 1740 to 1800

Eugene Hulse Sloane

John Cooper Mendenhall Robert Gould, Seventeenth Century Satirist

Ann Matlack Weygandt

John Cooper Mendenhall Kipling's Reading and Its Influence on His Poetry

Louise Merwin Young

Percy Van Dyke Shelly Thomas Carlyle and the Art of History
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Mary Elizabeth Clark

Percy Van Dyke Shelly Peter Porcupine in America. The Career of William Cobbett, 1792-1800

Kathryn Gilbert Dapp Cook

John Cooper Mendenhall George Keate, Esq., Eighteenth Century English Gentleman

Adelaide Duncan Estill

Cornelius Weygandt The Sources of Synge

Bertha Brossman Faust

Paul Howard Musser Hawthorne's Contemporaneous Reputation

Winthrop Nelson Francis

Albert Croll Baugh A Book of Vices and Virtues: A Translation of 'Somme le Roi' by Loreus d'Orleans, Edited from Three Manuscripts

Earl Harlan

John Cooper Mendenhall Elijah Fenton, 1683-1730

John Geoffrey Hartman

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Development of American Social Comedy from 1787 to 1936

Joseph Howard Meconnahey

Arthur Hobson Quinn The History of the Philadelphia Theater from 1900-1910
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

William Dickey Coder

Arthur Hobson Quinn A History of the Philadelphia Theatre, 1856-1878

Florence May Anna Hilbish

John Cooper Mendenhall Charlotte Smith, Poet and Novelist (1748-1806)

Margaret Esther Schofield Hinton

Albert Croll Baugh The Dicts and Sayings of the Philosophers: A Middle English Version by Stephen Scrope

Claude Searcy McIver

Frank Alan Laurie, Jr. William Somerset Maugham: A Study of Technique and Literary Sources

John Arthur Mitchell

Felix Emanuel Schelling The Warde by Thomas Neale. Edited with Introduction and Glossary

Constance Lowengrund Rosenthal

Albert Croll Baugh The Vitae Patrum in Old and Middle English Literature
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Claude Reherd Flory

Arthur Hobson Quinn Economic Criticism in American Fiction, 1792-1900

Myrtle Catherine Henry

Cornelius Weygandt John Trevena. A Study with Special Reference to the Romantic Elements in his Works

Edward Martin Hinton

Felix Emanuel Schelling Ireland Through Tudor Eyes

William Robert North

Arthur Hobson Quinn Chinese Themes in American Verse

George L. White, Jr.

Arthur Hobson Quinn Scandinavian Themes in American Fiction

Calvin Daniel Yost

John Cooper Mendenhall The Poetry of the Gentleman's Magazine: A Study in Eighteenth Century Literary Taste
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

William Charvat

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Origins of American Critical Thought, 1810-1815

William Hafner Cornog

John Cooper Mendenhall The Anticlaudian of Alain de Lille. Prologue, Argument, and Nine Books Translated, with an Intro and Notes

George Arthur Dunlap

Arthur Hobson Quinn The City in the American Novel, 1789-1900. A Study of American Novels Portraying Contemporary Conditions in New York, Philadelphia and Boston

Samuel Vogt Gapp

Cornelius Weygandt George Gissing, Classicist

Elizabeth Kobus Halbeisen

Arthur Hobson Quinn Harriet Prescott Spofford

John Campbell Major

John Cooper Mendenhall The Role of Personal Memoirs in English Biography and Novel

Sister Marie Eugenie McIlvaine

Felix Emanuel Schelling Dabornes' The Poor Man's Comfort

Harry W. Mountjoy

Frank Alan Laurie, Jr. The Comic Fantasy in English Fiction of the Victorian Period

Howard Garrett Rhoads

Felix Emanuel Schelling William Hawkins 'Apollo Shroving.' An Edition with Noes and an Introduction

William Andrews Thomas

Arthur Hobson Quinn Henry James: A Study in Realism from the Beginnings in the First Quarter of the Nineteenth Century to 1870
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Clara Lillian Gebert

Felix Emanuel Schelling An Anthology of Elizabethan Dedications and Prefaces

George Washburne Howgate

Arthur Hobson Quinn George Santayana

John Dwight Kern

Arthur Hobson Quinn Constance Fenimore Woolson, Literary Pioneer

William Hayes Fogg Lamont

Cornelius Weygandt A Study in Isolation in the Life and Work of Joseph Conrad

Sister Mary Donatus MacNickle

Cornelius Weygandt Beasts and Birds in the Lives of the Early Irish Saints

Elisabeth Wintersteen Schneider

Percy Van Dyke Shelly The Aesthetics of William Hazlitt. A Study of the Philosophical Basis of His Criticism
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Gen. Russell K. Alspach

Cornelius Weygandt A Consideration of the Poets of the Literary Revival in Ireland 1889-1929

Morrison Comegys Boyd

Felix Emanuel Schelling Elizabethan Music and Musical Criticism

Beaumont Schrader Bruestle

Cornelius Weygandt The 'Fool of Nature' in the English Drama of Our Day

Cornell March Dowlin

Felix Emanuel Schelling Sir William Davenant's 'Gondibert,' Its Preface, and Hobbe's Answer. A Study in English Neo-Classicism

Albert Pettigrew Elliott

Cornelius Weygandt Fatalism in the Works of Thomas Hardy

Walter Dewey Ferguson

Cornelius Weygandt The Influence of Flaubert on George Moore

William Bryan Gates

Felix Emanuel Schelling The Dramatic Works and Translations of Sir William Lower

Charles Irving Glicksberg

Edward Sculley Bradley Walt Whitman and the Civil War

Marie Hamilton Law

Percy Van Dyke Shelly The English Familiar Essay in the Early Nineteenth Century

Edgar Leroy Potts

Daniel S. Rankin

Arthur Hobson Quinn Kate Chopin and Her Creole Stories

George Brandon Saul

Cornelius Weygandt A. E. Coppard: His Life and His Poetry to the Publication of the Bibliography

Godfrey Frank Singer

John Cooper Mendenhall The Epistolary Novel

Andrew James Stewart

Cornelius Weygandt Irish Plays and Players in America
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Ralph Bergen Allen

Harold Saegar Stine Old Icelandic Sources in the English Novel

Horace Tippin Boileau

Cornelius Weygandt Italy in the Post-Victorian Novel

Edwin Courtlandt Bolles

Cornelius Weygandt Sea Traveling from Fielding to Today

Anna June W. Chester

Walter Marion Crittenden

John Cooper Mendenhall The Life and Writings of Mrs. Sarah Scott, Novelist (1723-1795)

Arthur Deering

Cornelius Weygandt Sir Samuel Ferguson, Poet and Antiquarian

Dorothy Leeds Werner Hensey

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Idea of Union in American Verse (1776-1876)

Elizabeth Cathcart Hickson

Edward Sculley Bradley The Versification of Thomas Hardy

Kathryn Huganir

Clarence Griffin Child The Owl and Nightingale. Sources, Date, Author

Sister Maria Kostka Logue

Cornelius Weygandt The Old Woman: One Phase of the Character Poem in Contemporary British Verse

Felice Elkin Lowenberg

Percy Van Dyke Shelly Walter Savage Landor's Studies of Italian Life and Literature

Belle Seddon Matheson

Felix Emanuel Schelling The Invented Personages in Shakespeare's Plays

Margaret McHenry

Cornelius Weygandt The Ulster Theatre in Iceland

Aaron Michael Myers

Felix Emanuel Schelling Representation and Misrepresentation of the Puritan in Elizabethan Drama

Louis B. Salomon

Cornelius Weygandt The Rebellious Lover in English Poetry

Robert Porter Sechler

Cornelius Weygandt George Moore: A Disciple of Walter Pater

Edward Warren Sine

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Northern Poetry of the Civil War

George Robert Stephens

Albert Croll Baugh The Knowledge of Greek in England in the Middle Ages

Laura Adelina Ward

Cornelius Weygandt The Sea in English Fiction from 1918-1930

Leota Geraldine Snider Willis

Felix Emanuel Schelling Francis Lenton, Queen's Poet

Arthur Herman Wilson

Arthur Hobson Quinn A History of the Philadelphia Theatre, 1835-1855
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Augustus Henry Able III

Cornelius Weygandt George Meredith and Thomas Love Peacock: A Study in Literary Influence

Theophilus Ernest Martin Boll

Cornelius Weygandt The Works of Edwin Pugh (1874-1930). A Chapter in the Novel of Humble London Life

Allan Griffith Chester

Felix Emanuel Schelling Thomas May: Man of Letters, 1595-1650

Harold James Christ

Cornelius Weygandt Richard Doddridge Blackmore: A Biography

Doris Fenton

Felix Emanuel Schelling The Extra-Dramatic Moment in Elizabethan Plays before 1616

Ruth Anita Firor

Cornelius Weygandt Folkways in Thomas Hardy

Reese Davis James

Arthur Hobson Quinn Old Drury of Philadelphia

MacEdward Leach

Amis and Amilaun

John Edward Mason

Felix Emanuel Schelling Gentlefolk in the Making. Studies in the History of English Courtesy Literature and Related Topics from 1531-1774

William John Phillips

Cornelius Weygandt France on Byron

Thomas Clark Pollock

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Philadelphia Theatre in the Eighteenth Century

Newell Zheller Sawyer

Cornelius Weygandt The Comedy of Manners from Sheridan to Maugham

Lewis George Sterner

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Sonnet in American Literature

Harold Saegar Stine

Clarence Griffin Child The Poetic Diction of Francis Thompson

Ralph Hartman Ware

Arthur Hobson Quinn American Adaptations of French Plays on the New York and Philadelphia Stages from 1834 to the Civil War