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Morse Peckham

Morse Peckham *47

By Princeton Alumni Weekly

MORSE PECKHAM died at the age of 79 at Still Hopes Episcopal retirement community in Columbia, S.C., Sept. 4, 1993. Morse retired in 1980 after a celebrated teaching career that spanned five decades, starting at The Citadel and ending at the Univ. of South Carolina. In between, he served as a historian with the Army Air Corps in England during WWII. After the war, he taught at Rutgers and for 20 years at the Univ. of Pennsylvania. At all these institutions he was recognized and admired as a scholar, and highly respected for his expertise in romanticism. He received master's and Ph.D. degrees from Princeton in English. He is survived by a nephew, Robert S., to whom we extend our sympathies.

Graduate Class of 1947


Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Powell Stackhouse Thomas "John Stuart Mill's Problem: The Unsuccessful Reconciliation of the Individual with Society "


Wystan Curnow "Clarel by Herman Medville "


Wilbur T Albrecht "The Prose Romances of William Morris"


Candadai K Tirumalai "Continuity and Development in the Thought of Walter Pater"


Ralph Flood "A Study of the Style of John Ruskin's Fors Clavigera"
Edward L Wolfe "A Critical, Annotated Edition of Robert Browning's "Dramatic Idyls, First Series," and "Dramatic Idyls, Second Series""


David L Powell "Robert Browning's Dramatis Personae: A Variorum Text"
Joseph Sigman "Idea and Image in Thomas Carlyle's Sartor Resartus "


John S Mizner "The Works of Israel Zangwill, 1864-1926"


John Charles Berkey ""Sordello," by Robert Browning: A Variorum Text"
Raymond Fitch "The Golden Furrow: John Ruskin and the Greek Religion"


George Foster McFarland "The Early Literary Career of Julius Charles Hare, 1818-1834"
Kenneth Bernard Newell "Strucutre in H. G. Wells' Dickensian Novels "


James Lawrence Missey "Appearance and Reality in the Fiction of E. M. Forster"


Frances Claudette Kemper Columbus "Irony in Browning's "Fifine at the Fair""
Robert Rudolph Columbus "Robert Browning's Parleyings with Certain People of Importane in their Day: An Explication"


Katharine Dealy Newman "The Gentleman's Novelist: Robert Plumer Ward (1765-1846)"


William Hood Wishmeyer "The Myth in "The Ring and the Book""


Gordon Marshall Pitts "The Poetry of John Byrne Leicester Warren, Lord DeTabley, Exclusive of the Dramas "


Joseph F. Hosey "Physical Science in Newman's Thought"