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MacEdward Leach

Professor of English; A.B., M.A., Illinois; Ph.D., Pennsylvania

1930 Ph.D. Graduate
Dissertation Advisor(s):
"Amis and Amilaun"

Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Lynn Martin "Sir Thomas Malory's Vocabulary in "The Tale of Arthur and Lucius," The Tale of Sir Garteh," and "The Tale of the Sankgreal": A Comparative Study"


Roger David Abrahams "Negro Folklore from South Philadelphia, A Collection of Analysis"
Bradford Browne Broughton "The Legends of King Richard I, Coeur de Lion: A Study of Sources and Variations to the Year 1600"


Mary Louise Washington Clark "The Folklore of the Cumberlands as Reflected in the Writings of Jesse Stuart"
Harold Jerome Herman "Sir Kay: A Study of the Character of the Seneschal of King Arthur's Court"


Robert Harold Byington "The "Gentleman Killer;" An American Folk Hero"


Gerald Martin Bordman "The Folklore Motifs in the Matter of England Romances"


Eloise Wilson "Lynn Riggs: Oklahoma Dramatist "


Edith Smith Krappe "King Ponthus and the Fair Sidone: A Critical Edition"


Horace Palmer Beck "Ballads and Songs from Down East "
Nancy Rafetto Leach "Edith Wharton: Critic of American Life and Literature"


John Greenway "American Folksongs of Social and Economic Protest"


Marcia Kelley Miller ""The Dierdre Legend" in English Literature"


Tristram Potter Coffin "A Handbook of the Traditional Ballad in North America"
George Malcolm Laws "Native American Balladry. A Descriptive Study and a Bibliographical Syllabus of the Ballads Sung in the United States"

Courses Taught

fall 1961

ENGL 174.001 The Short Story (TV Course)