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Edwin Courtlandt Bolles

1931 Ph.D. Graduate
Dissertation Advisor(s): Cornelius Weygandt
"Sea Traveling from Fielding to Today"


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Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Russell Charles MacDonald "A. E. Coppard: A Critical Study of His Short Stories "
Fred Rankin MacFadden Jr "Charles Whibley's "Musings Without Method:" A Critical Selection Edited with Biography"


Diana Elizabeth Lestourgeon "The Novels of Rosamond Lehmann"


Nathan Robert Carb Jr. "The Social Plays of Sir Arthur Wing Pinero: An Old Answer to a New Question"
Doris Ross McCrosson "The Novels of Walter de la Mare"
Philip Louis Rizzo "Rose Macaulay: A Critical Survey "
Robert Finis White Jr "The Literary Reputation of Virginia Woolf: A History of British Attitudes toward her Work, 1915-1955"


M. George Thomas "The Poetry of Sarojini Naidu"


Robert Hicks Bates "A Study of the Literature of the Mountains and of Mountain Climbing Written in English "
William Spencer Child "The contribution of Cunningham Graham to the Literature of Travel"