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Arthur Hobson Quinn

1899 Ph.D. Graduate
Dissertation Advisor(s): Felix Emanuel Schelling
"The Faire Maide of Bristow: A Comedy"


Arthur Hobson Quinn was born in Philadelphia on February 9, 1875. He attended the University of Pennsylvania where he received his B.S. in 1894 and his Ph.D in 1899. Quinn also studied at the University of Munich. He began his teaching career when he was appointed an instructor in mathematics at Penn in 1894, and and instructor of English in 1895. The University appointed him Assistant Professor of English in 1904. Quinn would eventually hold the title of Welsh Professor of History and English, and serve as Dean of the College from 1912-1922. In his academic studies he was an authority on the history of American drama and literature. Quinn died in 1960.


Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Ralph Christian Most "Civil War Fiction, 1890-1920"
Julius H Tolson "Dion Boucicault "


Helen W. Sheaffer "Rebecca Harding Davis, Pioneer Realist"
Samuel B. Shirk "The Characterization of George Washington in American Plays Since 1875"


Anna J. DeArmond "Andrew Bradford"
Man Mohan Singh "Emerson and India"


George S. Stokes "Agnes Repplier: A Critical Biography"
Me-Tsung Kaung Tang "William Crazy Brownell, LIterary Adviser"


Leah Elizabeth Jordan "The Fundamentals of Emerson's Literary Criticism"
Sister Joseph Marie McCrossan "The Role of the Church and the Folk in the Development of the Early Drama in New Mexico"


Robert Charles LeClair "Three American Travellers in England: James Russell Lowell, Henry Adams, Henry James"


Sister M. Vincentia Burns "The Function of Wagner's Theory of the Union of the Arts in the Dramaturgy of Eugene O'Neill"


Donald Nelson Koster "The Theme of Divorce in American Drama, 1871-1939"
Nelle Kroger Smither "A History of the English Theatre at New Orleans, 1806-1842"


Thomas Fredrick Marshall "A History of the Philadelphia Theatre, 1878-1890"


Albert F. Gegenheimer "Provost William Smith and His Group"


Mary Angela Bennett "Elizabeth Stuart Phelps"


Ermo Joseph Gergely "American Adaptations of Hungarian Drama on the New York Stage"
Constance Magee Griffin "Henry Blake Fuller"
Martin Ignatius Joseph Griffin "Frank R. Stockton"


John Geoffrey Hartman "The Development of American Social Comedy from 1787 to 1936"
Joseph Howard Meconnahey "The History of the Philadelphia Theater from 1900-1910"


William Dickey Coder "A History of the Philadelphia Theatre, 1856-1878"


Claude Reherd Flory "Economic Criticism in American Fiction, 1792-1900 "
William Robert North "Chinese Themes in American Verse"
George L. White, Jr. "Scandinavian Themes in American Fiction"


William Charvat "The Origins of American Critical Thought, 1810-1815"
George Arthur Dunlap "The City in the American Novel, 1789-1900. A Study of American Novels Portraying Contemporary Conditions in New York, Philadelphia and Boston "
Elizabeth Kobus Halbeisen "Harriet Prescott Spofford"
William Andrews Thomas "Henry James: A Study in Realism from the Beginnings in the First Quarter of the Nineteenth Century to 1870"


George Washburne Howgate "George Santayana"
John Dwight Kern "Constance Fenimore Woolson, Literary Pioneer"


Daniel S. Rankin "Kate Chopin and Her Creole Stories"


Dorothy Leeds Werner Hensey "The Idea of Union in American Verse (1776-1876)"
Edward Warren Sine "The Northern Poetry of the Civil War"
Arthur Herman Wilson "A History of the Philadelphia Theatre, 1835-1855"


Reese Davis James "Old Drury of Philadelphia"
Thomas Clark Pollock "The Philadelphia Theatre in the Eighteenth Century"
Lewis George Sterner "The Sonnet in American Literature"
Ralph Hartman Ware "American Adaptations of French Plays on the New York and Philadelphia Stages from 1834 to the Civil War"


Paul Howard Musser "James Nelson Barker, 1784-1858"


Edward Sculley Bradley "The Life of George Henry Boker: With a Text of Nydia"


Harold William Schoenberger "American Adaptations of French Plays on the New York and Philadelphia Stages from 1790-1833"
Robert Earnest Spiller "The American in England During the First Half Century of Independence"


Phillip Marshall Hicks "The Development of the Natural History Essay in American Literature"


Ernest Jackson Hall "The Satirical Element in the American Novel"


Esther Parker Ellinger "The Southern War Poetry of the Civil War"


Clement Edgar Foust "The Life and Dramatic Works of Robert Montgomery Bird, M. D."
Bruce Welker McCullough "Life and Writings of Richard Penn Smith, with Reprint of His Play 'The Deformed'"


Clinton Aaron Strong "The Political Verse of the Revolution as Represented in Newspapers and Magazines of Massachusetts"