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Graduate English Doctoral Alumni

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Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

John Cadwalader

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten King Edward the Third, with the Fall of Mortimer, Earl of March, 1691 [by William Mountfort]. An Edition, with Introduction and Notes. A Dissertation

Tristram Potter Coffin

MacEdward Leach A Handbook of the Traditional Ballad in North America

George Malcolm Laws

MacEdward Leach Native American Balladry. A Descriptive Study and a Bibliographical Syllabus of the Ballads Sung in the United States

Nicholas Newlin

Harold Saegar Stine The Language of Synge's Plays: The Irish Element

Harry William Pedicord

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Garrick's Audiences

Elias Hiester Phillips

Allan G. Chester Humanities in Tudor Literature (1475-1575)

Hubert Wayne Smith

Edward Sculley Bradley Some American Fiction Writers and their Reviewers: A Study of the Reviews and Reviewers in Connection with Eight Representative Fiction Writers, 1918-1941

Charlotte Ruth Wright Hayre

John Cooper Mendenhall Samuel Jackson Pratt, Novelist and Poet (1747-1814)
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Alfred W. Hesse

John Cooper Mendenhall Nicholes Rowe's Translation of Lucans's Pharsalia 1719. A Study in Literary History

Caspar H. Nannes

Edward Sculley Bradley Politics in the American Drama, As Revealed by Plays Produced on the New York Stage, 1890-1945

Helen W. Sheaffer

Arthur Hobson Quinn Rebecca Harding Davis, Pioneer Realist

Samuel B. Shirk

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Characterization of George Washington in American Plays Since 1875

Warren D. Smith

Matthew Wilson Black Shakespeare's Stagecraft as Denoted by the Dialoge in the Original Printings of His Texts
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Robert Hicks Bates

Edwin Courtlandt Bolles A Study of the Literature of the Mountains and of Mountain Climbing Written in English

William Spencer Child

Edwin Courtlandt Bolles The contribution of Cunningham Graham to the Literature of Travel

Anna J. DeArmond

Arthur Hobson Quinn Andrew Bradford

Lois Galbraith Dickie

John Cooper Mendenhall The Established Clergy as Depicted in English Prose Fiction from 1740-1800

Dorothy Hughes Eshlem

John Cooper Mendenhall Elizabeth Griffith, A Biographical and Critical Study

Robert Dunn Faner

Robert Earnest Spiller Operatic Music and the Poetry of Walt Whitman

Daniel Abuhone Fineman

John Cooper Mendenhall Leonard Welsted, Gentleman Poet of the Augustan Age

Perry Fridy Kendig

John Cooper Mendenhall The Poems of Saint Columban. Translated into English Verse with an Introduction and Bibliography

Mary Cathryne Park

Frank Alan Laurie, Jr. Joseph Priestley and the Problem of Pantisocracy

Man Mohan Singh

Arthur Hobson Quinn Emerson and India
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

George S. Stokes

Arthur Hobson Quinn Agnes Repplier: A Critical Biography

Me-Tsung Kaung Tang

Arthur Hobson Quinn William Crazy Brownell, LIterary Adviser
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

John H. Fisher

Albert Croll Baugh The Tretyse of Love

Leah Elizabeth Jordan

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Fundamentals of Emerson's Literary Criticism

Ilse Dusoir Lind Polskin

John Cooper Mendenhall The Biography of Richard Jago: A Study in Eighteenth Century Localism

Sister Joseph Marie McCrossan

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Role of the Church and the Folk in the Development of the Early Drama in New Mexico
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Frederick William Connor

Edward Sculley Bradley Cosmic Optimism: A Study of ther Interpretation of the idea of Evolution by American Poets from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Edwin Arlingont Robinson

Margaret Adlum Gist

Albert Croll Baugh Some Social Problems in the Middle English Romances

Charles Theodore Houpt

John Cooper Mendenhall Mark Akenside: A biographical and Critical Study

Robert Charles LeClair

Arthur Hobson Quinn Three American Travellers in England: James Russell Lowell, Henry Adams, Henry James

Homer Nearing

Matthew Wilson Black English Historical Poetry, 1599-1641

Sonia Raiziss

Edward Sculley Bradley The Relation of Certain Modern Poets to the Metaphysical Poets of the Seventeenth Century

Eliza Pearl Shippen

John Cooper Mendenhall Eugenia de Acton (1749-1827)
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Sister M. Vincentia Burns

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Function of Wagner's Theory of the Union of the Arts in the Dramaturgy of Eugene O'Neill

Isabelle Webb Entrikin

Edward Sculley Bradley Sara Josepha Hale and Godey's Lady's Book

Laura Ruth ’Patsy’ Murray Klein

Edward Sculley Bradley Lizette Woodworth Reese, A Critical Biography

Alice Jones Nearing

Matthew Wilson Black Cupid and Psyche, by Shakerley Marmion. A Critical Edition with an Account of Marmion's Life and Works
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Gellert Spencer Alleman

Alfred Bennett Harbage Matrimonial law and the Materials of Restoration Comedy

Donald Nelson Koster

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Theme of Divorce in American Drama, 1871-1939

Eugene Hudson Long

Edward Sculley Bradley O. Henry: A Biographical Study

William Charles Powell

John Cooper Mendenhall Christopher Anstey: Bath Laureate

Nelle Kroger Smither

Arthur Hobson Quinn A History of the English Theatre at New Orleans, 1806-1842

Ivan Earle Taylor

Alfred Bennett Harbage An Edition of Sir William Killigrew's Seige of Urbin
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Richard Daniel Altick

John Cooper Mendenhall Richard Owen Cambridge: Belated Augustan

Thomas Fredrick Marshall

Arthur Hobson Quinn A History of the Philadelphia Theatre, 1878-1890

Grace Edna Moore

Albert Croll Baugh The Middle English Verse Life of Edward the Confessor

Herbert Willmarth Starr

Earl Leslie Griggs Gray as a Literary Critic
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Albert F. Gegenheimer

Arthur Hobson Quinn Provost William Smith and His Group

James Daniel Gordon

Albert Croll Baugh The Epistle of Othea to Hector

Alan Fager Herr

Matthias Adam Shaaber The Elizabeth Sermon

Arthur Bruce Sutherland

Cornelius Weygandt Maurice Hewlett