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Thomas Philip Haviland

1929 Ph.D. Graduate
Dissertation Advisor(s): John Cooper Mendenhall
"The 'Roman de Longue Haleine' on English Soil"

A.B. (Pennsylvania 1919)

Instructor in English, University of Pennsylvania, 1921

Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Ralph Schultz Graber "The Fugitive Poems of Richard Henry Wilde, with an Introduction"


Cecil Degrote Eby "A Critical Biograpy of David Hunter Strother"
Hubert Ray Pellman "Thomas Hooker, A Study in Puritan Ideals"


Daniel Webster Smyths "Robert Frost's Poetry as Self-Clarification "


Harry Dyer Sprowles Jr "The Search for Thomas Wolfe with Particular Stress Upon the Meaning of the Amatory Theme "


Hugh Pendexter III "A Critical Study of the Poetry of Robert Pater Tristram Coffin"
Maurice W. Wasserman "The American Indian as Seen by the 17th Century Chroniclers"


Ruth Robinson Ross "Four Community Subscription Libraries in Colonial Pennsylvania: Darby, Hatboro, Lancaster and Newton (1743-1790)"