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Theophilus Ernest Martin Boll

1930 Ph.D. Graduate
Dissertation Advisor(s): Cornelius Weygandt
"The Works of Edwin Pugh (1874-1930). A Chapter in the Novel of Humble London Life"


Boll was born January 6, 1902 in New York City; attended University of Pennsylvania (BA, 1922; MA, 1924; Ph.D., 1930); spent entire teaching career at University of Pennsylvania (1922-72) and became professor emeritus of English in 1972; author of biographical and critical introductions to Stephen Hudson's book, Richard, Myrtle, and I (1962); also author of Miss May Sinclair, novelist: a biographical and critical introduction (1973) and many articles.


Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


George R. Bridge Jr "The Belief of an Unbeliever: The Theological Implications in Edward Morgan Forster's A Passage to India"


J. Thomas Dwyer "Joyce Cary's Critical Theory and its Relationship to the Development of His Fiction"


Alice Wing-shin Wu Chen "The Mind of George Eliot"


Sister Mary Xavier Kirby "The Writings of Evelyn Underhill: A Critical Analysis"


John Watson Cummins "Himself and Mr. Maxwell: The Life and Works of W.B. Maxwell"


Homer Theodore Cox "Henry Seton Marriman: A Critical Survey"


James Gordon Hepburn "The Mind and Art of Arnold Bennett"


Helmut Emil Gerber "J. D. Beresford: A Study of His Works and Philosophy "