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Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten


Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Terence Freeman "The Resurgence of Satiric Laughing Comedy in 18th Century Afterpiece Drama"
Linda Veronika Troost "The Rise of English Comic Opera: 1762-1800"


Carol S. Shookhoff "Rewards and Punishments in the Eighteenth-Century English Novel "


Rose Ann Cleveland Fraistat "Caroline Gordon as a Women of Letters"
Robert M. Markley "Etherage, Wycherley, and Congreve and the Language of Restoration Comedy"


Burney J. Hollis "These Low Grounds of Sorrow: The Life and Works of Waters Edward Turpin"


Ion P Zottos "Early Critics of Opera in England"


Jacob Salomon "Pre-Twentieth Century Dramatic Burlesques of Shakespeare"


David L. Greene "A Study of the Plays of Sir John Vanbrugh"


Judith F. Hodgson "Human Beauty in Eighteenth-Century English Literature"
Daniel J. Lynch "The Theme of Imprisonment in Eighteenth Century Fiction"


Jonathan Dietz "The Structure of Dramatic Satire in the Plays of George Farquar"


Paul R Doran "Swift and the Roman Catholics"


John J Perry "The Influence of the 'Literary Scot' on the Changing Diction of 18th Century English Prose"


Robert C. Bennett "Fielding and the Satiric Dance"
Howard Koonce "Comic Values and Comic Form: The Restoration Comedy of Manners in Its Tradition"
Stanley W Lindberg "Johnsonian Irony from the Gentleman's Magazine to Rasselas"


John Kay "Swift's Project for the Advacement of Religion and Its Background"


Henry J Dane "The Life and Works of Henry Carey"
Cynthia S Matlack "Abstract Dramatic Techniques in the Plays of William Wycherley"
John F Norton "A Critical Edition of The Pleasures of Imagination (1744) by Mark Akenside"


Herman Laurence Eisenlohr "The Development of Thoreau's Prose"
William H. Ingram "Greek Tragedy and the Augustan Stage: Dennis, Theobald, Thomson"
David E McKenty "The Benefit System in Augustan Drama"
Ralph R Thornton "The Wives Excuse by Thomas Southerne: A Critical Edition "


Alberta Gregg Barrett "Plot, Characterization, and Theme in the Plays of Aphra Behn"
Anthony James Eustace "Defoe's Many Voices"
Donald Bruce McKenzie "Parnassus Rejected: Dr. Samuel Johnson and the 18th Century Pastoral"
Theodore Wood "Early Definitions of the Sublime "


Harold Willard Gleason "George Crabbe as a Satirist"
Wallace Jackson "Immediacy: The Development of a Critical Concept from Addison to Colerdige"
John Morrissey LeRoy "The Erotic Pursuit: Changing Fashions in Eroticism in Early Eighteenth Century English Comic Drama "


Irma Spritz Lustig "Boswell's Portrait of Himself in 'The Life of Samuel Johnson'"
Manuel R. Schonhorn "Defoe's Sources and Narrative Method"
Andress Taylor "A Critical Edition of Richard Rhodes' "Flora's Vagaries""


Lawrence Henry Conrad Jr "Theophilus Cibber on the London Stage: 1703-1758"
Carson Gibb "Figurative Structure in Restoration Comedy"
James R Tinsley "A Study of the Techniques of Modern American Force "


Robert Hazen Hopkins "The Creative Genius of Oliver Goldsmith "


James Joseph Devlin "John Banks' "The Albion Queens." A Critical Edition"


David Mitsugi Ohara "The Comic Perspective in Restoration Drama "


Sven Eric Molin "John Wesley's Techniques in Revising Literary Masterpieces for His Methodist Audience"


Frederic E. Haun "The Libretti of the Restoration Opera in English: A Study in Theatrical Genres"
Sarah D. Jones "The Treatment of Religious and National Types in Late Eighteenth Century Drama"


George L Anderson "Charles Gildon's "The New Rehearsal, or Bays the Younger"


Raymond A Biswanger Jr "Thomas D'Urfey's "The Richmond Heiress: Or, A Woman Once in the Right" "
George E Blair "The Plays of the Romantic Poets"
Stanley Arnold Clayes "Richard Duke's Satires on the Popish Plot "
John Hale Sutherland "Robert Bage: A Study in the Novel of Ideas "


John Henry Freehafer "The Emergence of Sentimental Comedy, 1660-1707"
Donald Walker Sanville "Thomas D'Urfey's Love for Money, or the Boarding School: an Edition, with Introduction and Notes"


John Cadwalader "King Edward the Third, with the Fall of Mortimer, Earl of March, 1691 [by William Mountfort]. An Edition, with Introduction and Notes. A Dissertation"
Harry William Pedicord "Garrick's Audiences"