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Graduate English Doctoral Alumni

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Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Meredith Ackley

Gerald Clifford Weales The Plays of Lillian Hellman

Robert C. Bennett

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Fielding and the Satiric Dance

Robert Boyer

Herbert Howarth Anglo-Saxon and Middle English Influences in the Poetry of W. H. Auden

Geoggrey Carter

Clyde de Loache Ryals Carlyle's Use of Metaphor in His Essays

Ronald T. Curran

Daniel Hoffman Hawthorne as Gothicist

Norma Joyce Engberg

James L. Rosier A Study of Late Ninth Century Old English Word Order Based on Comparison of Selected Prose Texts

Mera Oxenhorn Flaumenhaft

Gerald Clifford Weales A Critical Study of the Plays of John Arden

Norman T Gates

Herbert Howarth The Poetry of Richard Aldington: Its Value and Influence

Sarah S Getty

James L. Rosier An Edition, with Commentary, of the Latin/Anglo-Saxon Liber Scintillarum

Edward E Gibbons

Frederick Lafayette Jones The Conversation Poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Sister Agnes David Gunn

James Gordon Accidia and Prowess in the Vernon Version

William H. Hardesty

Herbert Howarth Joseph Conrad: The Last Seven Years

Paul Hissiger

Robert M. Lumiansky An Edition of Le Morte Arthur

Robert D Hume

Maurice O. Johnson Dryden's Criticism

Larry D Kelly

Frederick Lafayette Jones Byron Biography: 1822-1830

Elizabeth M Kist

James L. Rosier The Stylistic Development of John Donne's Sermons

Howard Koonce

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Comic Values and Comic Form: The Restoration Comedy of Manners in Its Tradition

John G Kuhn

Gerald Clifford Weales A Critical Examination of James Nelson Barker's "Superstition" or, "The Fanatic Father"

Stanley W Lindberg

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Johnsonian Irony from the Gentleman's Magazine to Rasselas

William Lockwood

Humphrey Tonkin The Philosophical Element in the Lyrical Writings of Sir Walter Ralegh

Sister Evelyn Joseph Mattern

Matthias Adam Shaaber A Survey of the Criticism of Shakespeare's "As You Like It"

John H Meister

Robert Earnest Spiller The Descent of the Irrelative One: The Metaphysics of Cosmology of Edgar Allan Poe's Eureka

John M Pratt

George Malcolm Laws Byron and the Stream of Wit

J. Edward Schamberger

Theodore Hornberger Scottish Common Sense Philosophy in New England Transcendentalism

Elizabeth Sklar

Robert M. Lumiansky England's Arthur: A Study of the Middle English Poem

Robert F Smith

Harold Saegar Stine E.M. Forster Transfigured: A Study in Prose Stylistics

Lee L Snyder

Harold Saegar Stine The Old English Dialect Boundaries: Some Place-Name Evidence

Stephen J. Spector

Clyde de Loache Ryals The Poetry of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the English Romantic Tradition

Clarence Steinberg

James L. Rosier Some Medieval Traditions of Etymological Characterization

Thomas Thompson

John Mark Longaker Patterns of Imagery in the Poetry of Dylan Thomas

Candadai K Tirumalai

Morse Peckham Continuity and Development in the Thought of Walter Pater

Richard A Wetime

Matthias Adam Shaaber Identities in Crisis: A Study of Antony and Cleopatra
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Thomas D. Absher

James L. Rosier Metamorphosis in John Lyly's Plays

James E. Barcus

Catherine Kaki Marshall The Homogeneity of Structure and idea in the Prose of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Howard Benoist, III

Maurice O. Johnson A Study of Samuel Richardson's A Collection of the Moral and Instructive Sentiments, Maxims, Cautions, and Reflexions, Contained in the Histories of Pamela, Calrissa, and Sir Charles Grandison--1755

Dirk R. Budd

Herbert Howarth The Vicissitudes of the Osborne Protest from 1956 to 1964

Philip Buehler

Harold Saegar Stine A Glossary of the Middle English Genesis and Exodus

Carolyn Burrows Matalene

Maurice O. Johnson The Faces of Chronos: Temporal Innovations in Techniques of the Novel

Agnes Dicken Cannon

Hennig Cohen Melville's Search for Poetic Theory, Technique, and Themes

Helen Lutton Cohen

James L. Rosier Studies in the Structure of Selected Old English Poems

Walter Creed

Gerald Clifford Weales Contemporary Scientific Concepts and the Structure of Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet

Norma Dunn

Theodore Hornberger Ellen Glasgow's "Search for Truth"

Ralph Flood

Morse Peckham A Study of the Style of John Ruskin's Fors Clavigera

David O. Frantz

James L. Rosier Concepts of Concupiscence in English Renaissance Literature

Sister Rosalie Marie Funchion

Frederick Lafayette Jones Horace Smith: Life and Works

John D. Garvick

Maurice O. Johnson Chaos and Continuity in Smart's Jubilate Agno

Kelley E. Griffith, Jr.

Theodore Hornberger The Genteel Romance in American Fiction, 1870–1910

Donald E. Herdeck

Daniel Hoffman The Golden Bitch

Sister Marian Wm. Hoben

Robert M. Lumiansky John Gower's Confessio Amantis: A History of the Criticism and a Critical Analysis

Louis G Jennings

Harold Saegar Stine A Study of the Old English Noun in Later English

Harold J Kane

Harold Saegar Stine A Critical Edition of the Prickynge of Love

John Kay

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Swift's Project for the Advacement of Religion and Its Background

Carol A Kyle

Robert Earnest Spiller The Theme of "Knowledge" in the Poetry of Robert Frost

Irving Tracy Lord

Tristram Potter Coffin English Ballad Collecting and Editing from 1898 to World War II

Alan T McKenzie

Maurice O. Johnson The Scriblerian Poems to Gulliver's Travels

G. Harold Metz

Matthew Wilson Black The Two Merry Milkmaids edited with an introduction and notes

Bertram Mott

Hennig Cohen Mark Twain and Calvinism

Dominic O’Brien

Theodore Hornberger Bret Harte: A Survey of the Criticism of His Work, 1864-1964

Philip M Park

Peter B. Murray An Edition of Thomas St. Serfe's Tarugo's Wiles; or The Coffee House, 1667

Raymond C Phillips

Theodore Hornberger Francis Marion Crawford

F. Lannon Smith

Robert Lucid Man and Minister in Recent American Fiction

Elizabeth Turner Pochoda

Robert M. Lumiansky Sir Thomas Malory's Thematic Use of Medieval Theories of Government and History

Edward L Wolfe

Morse Peckham A Critical, Annotated Edition of Robert Browning's "Dramatic Idyls, First Series," and "Dramatic Idyls, Second Series"

William C Woodson

Allan G. Chester The Seared Conscience: A Study of the Credibility of Elizabeth Villains
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Susan Archer Cockcroft

Robert Earnest Spiller Hawthorne's Use of Spenser

Henry J Dane

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten The Life and Works of Henry Carey

Paula Duffey Robison

Herbert Howarth Form and Meaning in the Novels of George Orwell

J. Thomas Dwyer

Theophilus Ernest Martin Boll Joyce Cary's Critical Theory and its Relationship to the Development of His Fiction

Wilma B Hall

Robert Earnest Spiller The Moral Significance of Land and Landscape in the Novels of James Fenimore Cooper

Frederic Jacobs

Herbert Howarth The Reputation of Ford Madox Ford

Helmuth Joel

Maurice O. Johnson Oliver Goldsmith and the Theme of Education

Ann S Johnson

Herbert Howarth Lawrence Durrell's "Prism-Sightedness": The Structure of The Alexandria Quartet

Richard E Lautz

Catherine Kaki Marshall Bulwer-Lytton as Novelist

Cynthia S Matlack

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Abstract Dramatic Techniques in the Plays of William Wycherley

John F Norton

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten A Critical Edition of The Pleasures of Imagination (1744) by Mark Akenside

Margaret E Osborn

Gerald Clifford Weales The Concept of Imagination in Edwardian Drama

David L Powell

Morse Peckham Robert Browning's Dramatis Personae: A Variorum Text

Joel H Roache III

Robert Lucid Richard Eberhart: Poet in America, 1904-1961

Joseph Sigman

Morse Peckham Idea and Image in Thomas Carlyle's Sartor Resartus

Harry C Staley

John Mark Longaker James Joyce and the Catechism

Richard A Yoder

Robert Earnest Spiller Emerson's Poetry
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Peter S Bracher

Hennig Cohen Dickens and His American Readers, 1835-1870

William J Bruehl

Gerald Clifford Weales The Auden/Isherwood Plays

Gayle Byerly

Edward B. (Ted) Irving Compounds and Other Elements of Poetic Diction Derived from an Oral-Formulaic Poetic Tradition: A Comparison of Aeschylus and the Beowulf Poet

Ruth E. Coplan

Tristram Potter Coffin A Study of Predominant Themes in Best-Selling American Fiction, 1850–1915

William A. Dumbleton

Herbert Howarth The Literary Relationship of Robert Bridges to Gerard Manley Hopkins, 1889–1900

Herman Laurence Eisenlohr

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten The Development of Thoreau's Prose

Norman K. Farmer

Allan G. Chester Fulke Greville's "Caelica"

Delmont F. Fleming

Theodore Hornberger Humor in the Works of Thomas Wolfe

Virginia A. Hallam

Robert Earnest Spiller The Critical Reception of F. Scott Fitzgerald

William H. Ingram

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Greek Tragedy and the Augustan Stage: Dennis, Theobald, Thomson

John C. Kleis

Catherine Kaki Marshall The Narrative Persona in the Novels of Thackeray

Harry M. Logan

Harold Saegar Stine The Dialect of "The life of St. Katherine": A Linguistic Study

William J. Lynch

Robert Earnest Spiller The Theory and Practice of the Literary Criticism of James T. Farrell

Lynn Martin

MacEdward Leach Sir Thomas Malory's Vocabulary in "The Tale of Arthur and Lucius," The Tale of Sir Garteh," and "The Tale of the Sankgreal": A Comparative Study

Ann T. Matonis

James L. Rosier Sir Gawain and the Green knight: Characterization and Structural Motifs

Joseph P. McGowan

Gulliver's Third Voyage: Survey and Revaluation

David E McKenty

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten The Benefit System in Augustan Drama

John S Mizner

Morse Peckham The Works of Israel Zangwill, 1864-1926

Better Jean Morley Ingram

Allan G. Chester A Critical Edition of Stephen Hawes's "The Example of Virtue"

Philip H. Pfatteicher

Matthew Wilson Black The Life and Writings of John Austin

Kathleen Swaim

Maurice O. Johnson Swift's Narrative Art: A Study of the Imagery and Structure of "Gulliver's Travels"

Ralph R Thornton

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten The Wives Excuse by Thomas Southerne: A Critical Edition

Alice Wing-shin Wu Chen

Theophilus Ernest Martin Boll The Mind of George Eliot
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Alberta Gregg Barrett

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Plot, Characterization, and Theme in the Plays of Aphra Behn

John Charles Berkey

Morse Peckham "Sordello," by Robert Browning: A Variorum Text

John Bradbury Brooks

Matthew Wilson Black 'The Phoenix' by Thomas Middleton: A Critical, Modernized Edition

Anthony James Eustace

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Defoe's Many Voices

Raymond Fitch

Morse Peckham The Golden Furrow: John Ruskin and the Greek Religion

Alice Bradley Griffin Markow

Harold Saegar Stine The Language of Sir Thomas Wyatt

George S Hastings

Harold Saegar Stine Two Aspects of Style in the AB Dialect of Middle English

Vernon L Ingraham

Gerald Clifford Weales The Verse Drama of Charles Williams

Sister Mary Xavier Kirby

Theophilus Ernest Martin Boll The Writings of Evelyn Underhill: A Critical Analysis

Donald Bruce McKenzie

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Parnassus Rejected: Dr. Samuel Johnson and the 18th Century Pastoral

John Patrick Reddington

Matthew Wilson Black Repetition and Development in Shakespeare's Plot Situations

Allen G Shepherd III

Theodore Hornberger A Critical Study of the Fiction of Robert Penn Warren

Paul Clinton Sherr

Gerald Clifford Weales Political Satire in the American Musical Theatre of the 1930s

Lazoras Anastasios Varnas

Harold Saegar Stine The Language of the Parker Chronicle

Robert Edwin Wilkinson

Theodore Hornberger A Study of Theodore Dreiser's "The Financier"

George Jacob Willauer

Edward Sculley Bradley Incongruity in Selected Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne

Theodore Wood

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Early Definitions of the Sublime
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Peter M Bauland

Robert Earnest Spiller German Drama on the American Stage: 1894-1961

John Raban Bilder

Maurice O. Johnson The Minor Tradition in English Prose Fiction: The Novel of Ideas

Robert Theodore Burcaw

John Mark Longaker The Poetry of Wilfrid Gibson

Frederic Thomas Closs

Robert Earnest Spiller Symbol Cast in Steel: the Verse of H. MacKnight Black (1896-1931)

John Watson Cummins

Theophilus Ernest Martin Boll Himself and Mr. Maxwell: The Life and Works of W.B. Maxwell

Henry Dietrich Dyck

Harold Saegar Stine Language Differentiation in Two Low German Groups in Canada

Harold Willard Gleason

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten George Crabbe as a Satirist

Irwin Gopnik

Maurice O. Johnson Verbal Structure and Richardson's "Clarissa"

Ann Sullivan Haskell

Harold Saegar Stine The Representation of Gullah--Influenced Dialect in Twentieth Century South Carolina Prose

Wallace Jackson

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Immediacy: The Development of a Critical Concept from Addison to Colerdige

Charles Anthony Knight

Maurice O. Johnson "Clarissa:" A Critical Analysis

Claude William LaSalle II

Theodore Hornberger Thomas Wolfe: The Dramatic Apprenticeship

Joseph A Leo Lemay

Theodore Hornberger A Literary History of Colonial Maryland

John Morrissey LeRoy

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten The Erotic Pursuit: Changing Fashions in Eroticism in Early Eighteenth Century English Comic Drama

Robert Enzer Lewis

Robert Armstrong Pratt Chaucer and Pope Innocent III's De Miseria Humane Conditionis

George Foster McFarland

Morse Peckham The Early Literary Career of Julius Charles Hare, 1818-1834

Robert L Mortenson

Catherine Kaki Marshall Lord Byron's Cain, A Mystery: A Variorum Edition

Kenneth Bernard Newell

Morse Peckham Strucutre in H. G. Wells' Dickensian Novels

Irene Morris Reiter

Theodore Hornberger A Study of James T Farrell's Short Stories and their Relation to his Longer Fiction

Simeon Mozart Smith Jr

Theodore Hornberger Carson McCullers: A Critical Introduction

Joseph Solimine

Clyde de Loache Ryals Tennyson and the Tradition of Burke

Harold Ray Stevens

Catherine Kaki Marshall Byron and the Bible: A Study of Poetic and Philosophic Development

Philip Eugene Williams

Robert Earnest Spiller The Biblical View of Hisotry: Hawthorne, Twain, Faulkner, and Eliot

Douglas Lawson Wilson

Robert Earnest Spiller Santayana: The Poet in America
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Jack Lee Capps

Hennig Cohen Emily Dickinson's Reading 1836-1886: A study of the Sources of Her Poetry

Sherod Monroe Cooper, Jr.

Matthias Adam Shaaber A Stylistic Study of the Sonnets of Astrophel and Stella

Howard L. Hannum

Maurice O. Johnson Tobias Smollett: Fiction and Caricature

William Floyd Helmer

Harold Saegar Stine Critical Estimates of Beowulf from the Early Nineteenth Century to the Present

Thomas H. Helmstadter

John Mark Longaker The Apocalyptic Movement in British Poetry

Donald Melton Hensley

Gerald Clifford Weales Burton Rascoe as Literary Editor and Critic

Michael J. Hoffman

Robert Earnest Spiller The Development of Abstractionism in the Writing of Gertrude Stein to 1913

Frederic Griswold Hyde

Theodore Hornberger American Literature and the Spanish-American War: A Study of the Work of Crane, Norris, Fox and R. H. Davis

Leroy C. Kauffmann

Theodore Hornberger The Influence of Friedrich Nietzsche on American Literature

Wilson H Kimnach

Theodore Hornberger The Literary Techniques of Jonathan Edwards

Richard A. J. Knowles

Allan G. Chester "As You Like It" and the Concept of Plot

Irma Spritz Lustig

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Boswell's Portrait of Himself in 'The Life of Samuel Johnson'

James Lawrence Missey

Morse Peckham Appearance and Reality in the Fiction of E. M. Forster

Sujit Kumar Mukherjee

Robert Earnest Spiller Passage to America: The Reception of Rabindranath Tagore in the United States, 1912-1941

Manuel R. Schonhorn

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Defoe's Sources and Narrative Method

Andress Taylor

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten A Critical Edition of Richard Rhodes' "Flora's Vagaries"
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Arthur Harold Abel

Harold Saegar Stine AElfric and the West-Saxon Gospels

Lawrence Ivan Berkove

Theodore Hornberger Ambrose Bierce's Concern with Mind and Man

Frances Claudette Kemper Columbus

Morse Peckham Irony in Browning's "Fifine at the Fair"

Robert Rudolph Columbus

Morse Peckham Robert Browning's Parleyings with Certain People of Importane in their Day: An Explication

Lawrence Henry Conrad Jr

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Theophilus Cibber on the London Stage: 1703-1758

Herman Herbert Doh Jr

Matthias Adam Shaaber A Critical Edition of Fortune by Land and Sea

James Patrick Dougherty

Hennig Cohen E.E. Cummings' "The Enormous Room" and its Relation to his Poetry

Richard McClurg Fletcher

Catherine Kaki Marshall English Romantic Drama: 1795-1843. A Critical and Historical Study

Carson Gibb

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten Figurative Structure in Restoration Comedy

Peter Bryant Murray

Allan G. Chester A Study of Cyril Tourneur

Barry Slepian

Maurice O. Johnson Jonathan Swift and George Faulkner

Terry Wing Smith

Charles E. Boewe "Exercises" Presented During the Commencements of the College of Philadelphia and Other Colonial Colleges

Shirley Packard Stine

Albert Croll Baugh The Metrical Life of Christ: Edited from MS. B.M. Addit. 39996

James R Tinsley

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten A Study of the Techniques of Modern American Force

Paul Osborne Williams

Robert Earnest Spiller The Transcendental Movement in American Poetry
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

John A Bernstein

Charles E. Boewe Pacifism and Rebellion in the Writings of Herman Melville

Bradford Browne Broughton

MacEdward Leach The Legends of King Richard I, Coeur de Lion: A Study of Sources and Variations to the Year 1600

Ernest Howard Hunter Davis

Maurice O. Johnson Social Satire in the Narrative Prose Fiction of the Early Eighteenth Century

William Byron Dillingham

Hennig Cohen Themes and Literary Techniques in the Fiction of Frank Norris

Herbert G Eldridge Jr

Robert Earnest Spiller A Study of Literary Ideals and Intentions in Philadelphia, 1783-1827

Hugh Douglas Ford

John Mark Longaker British Poetry of the Spanish Civil War

Womble Quay Grigg Jr

Robert Earnest Spiller The Molds of Form: Comedy and Conscience in the Novels of Henry James

Robert Hazen Hopkins

Arthur Hawley (Joe) Scouten The Creative Genius of Oliver Goldsmith

Helen Louise Luyben

Gerald Clifford Weales James Bridie: Clown and Philosopher

Russell Charles MacDonald

Edwin Courtlandt Bolles A. E. Coppard: A Critical Study of His Short Stories

Fred Rankin MacFadden Jr

Edwin Courtlandt Bolles Charles Whibley's "Musings Without Method:" A Critical Selection Edited with Biography

Donald Charles Mell Jr

Maurice O. Johnson Variations on Elegiac Themes: Dryden, Pope, Prior, Gray, Johnson

Katharine Dealy Newman

Morse Peckham The Gentleman's Novelist: Robert Plumer Ward (1765-1846)

Cecil Lloyd Patterson

Hennig Cohen A Different Drum: The Image of the Negro in the Nineteenth Century Popular Song Books

Robert Anthony Peters

Harold Saegar Stine A Study of Old English Words for Demon and Monster and their Relation to English Place-Names

Robert Baird Shuman

Edgar Leroy Potts Social Concepts in the Stage Plays of Clifford Odets

John Hamilton Skilton

Allan G. Chester The Translation of the New Testament into English, 1881-1950: Studies in Language and Style

Elizabeth Joan Smithers

Gerald Clifford Weales The Dramatic Method of Harley Granville Barker

C. Jane Stegemann

Allan G. Chester A Poet's Use of Philosophy: A Study of the Religious Poetry of Henry Vaughan
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Colin Chandler Campbell

Robert Earnest Spiller The Poet as Artist and Citizen: A Study of the Life and Writings of Archibald Macleish through 1958

Mary Louise Washington Clark

MacEdward Leach The Folklore of the Cumberlands as Reflected in the Writings of Jesse Stuart

Brother Patrick Ellis

Maurice O. Johnson A Critical Analysis of John Dryden's "The Hind and the Panther"

Walter Kelly Gordon

Frederick Lafayette Jones A Critical Selected Edition of William Morris's Oxford and Cambridge Magazine (1856)

Harold Jerome Herman

MacEdward Leach Sir Kay: A Study of the Character of the Seneschal of King Arthur's Court

Diana Elizabeth Lestourgeon

Edwin Courtlandt Bolles The Novels of Rosamond Lehmann

David Coleman Redding

Matthias Adam Shaaber Robert Bishop's Commonplace Book: An Edition of a Seventeenth -- Century Miscellany

James Lee Sanderson

Matthias Adam Shaaber An Edition of an Early Seventeenth Century Manuscript Collection of Poetry (Rosenbach MS. 186)

Mary Isabel Stephens

Harold Saegar Stine A Study of the Old English Preface

George Austin Test

Robert Earnest Spiller The Vital Connection: A Study of the New Republic Magainze as a Literary Journal (1914-1922)

Paul Warren Whitney

Frederick Lafayette Jones Robert Southey's Views on English Literature