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Graduate English Doctoral Alumni

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Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

John Cooper Mendenhall

Clarence Griffin Child Aureate Terms: A Study in the Literary Diction of the Fifteenth Century
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Esther Parker Ellinger

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Southern War Poetry of the Civil War

Miriam Alice Franc Skirball

Cornelius Weygandt Ibsen in England
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Hayim Fineman

Cornelius Weygandt John Davidson: A Study of the Relation of His Ideas to His Poetry

Clement Edgar Foust

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Life and Dramatic Works of Robert Montgomery Bird, M. D.

Bruce Welker McCullough

Arthur Hobson Quinn Life and Writings of Richard Penn Smith, with Reprint of His Play 'The Deformed'

Stanley Simpson Swartley

Felix Emanuel Schelling The Life and Poetry of John Cutts

Walter Hänrichs Renner Trumbauer

Cornelius Weygandt Gerhart Hauptmann and John Galsworthy: A Parallel

Ruth Coons Wallerstein

Felix Emanuel Schelling King John in Fact and Fiction
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Frederick Anthony Child

Felix Emanuel Schelling Life and Uncollected Poems of Thomas Flatman

Lewis Burtron Hessler

Clarence Griffin Child The Latin Epigram of the Middle English Period, with Special Reference to a Manuscript Reg. 17 cxvii

George Willam McClelland

Felix Emanuel Schelling John Brinsley and the Grammar School Education of His Day
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Albert Croll Baugh

Felix Emanuel Schelling William Houghton's "Englishmen for My Money" or a Woman Will Have Her Will

William Seddinger Dye, Jr.

Cornelius Weygandt A Study of Melodrama in England from 1800 to 1840

Charlotte Moore

Felix Emanuel Schelling The Dramatic Works of Thomas Nabbes, Part I
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Percy Van Dyke Shelly

Clarence Griffin Child English and French in England, 1066-1106

Arthur Bivins Stonex

Felix Emanuel Schelling The Usurer in the Elizabethan Drama
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Charles Krieble Meschter

Felix Emanuel Schelling Love's Victory, A Tragi-Comedy, by William Chamberlaine, of Shaftesbury

Thomas Denis O'Bolger

Cornelius Weygandt George Bernard Shaw's Social Philosophy

D. F. Tyson

Cornelius Weygandt Social Tendencies in the Modern Drama
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Arthur Llewellyn Eno

Felix Emanuel Schelling The Drama of Interregnum, 1642-1660

Martha Gause McCaulley

Felix Emanuel Schelling Function and Content of the Prologue, Chorus and other Non-Organic Elements in English Drama, from the Beginnings to 1642
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Joseph Wayne Barley

Cornelius Weygandt The Morality Motive in Contemporary English Drama

Harriet Manning Blake

Felix Emanuel Schelling Classic Myth in the Poetic Drama of the Age of Elizabeth

Ronald Salmon Crane

Felix Emanuel Schelling Medieval Romances in Early Modern Europe

Clinton Aaron Strong

Arthur Hobson Quinn The Political Verse of the Revolution as Represented in Newspapers and Magazines of Massachusetts
Alumnus Director(s) Title of Dissertation

Livingston Corson

Clarence Griffin Child A Finding List of Political Poems Referring to English Affairs of the 13th and 14th Centuries