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Job Placement Information

The Penn English Department runs a comprehensive Job Placement Service and is committed to providing all of our graduate students with the advice, mentoring, and support they need in order to prepare themselves for a successful job search. The Department's Placement Officers, currently Whitney Trettien and Chi-ming Yang, assists job seekers in preparing CVs, application letters, dissertation abstracts, and teaching portfolios; helps students to prepare for interviews and coordinates the dress-rehearsal mock interviews in which numerous faculty members participate; offers advice on campus visits and the selection and presentation of a job talk and/or teaching demo; coordinates practice job talks; and assists job seekers in negotiating the terms of an offer. The Placement Officer is also available to answer questions about the job market from graduate students at earlier stages of the program. 

For a full list of the first-time tenure-track jobs of our graduates, please consult our Job Placement Record.  For a record of what graduates have gone on to do, academically and non-academically, see our Doctoral Alumni Directory.


Important Links:

All Ph.D. students and faculty in English have access to the online MLA Job List. Job seekers should consult this list and other resources that post job listings, including the Chronicle of Higher Education and field-specific websites and listservs.