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Job Placement Record

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Our six-year job placement rate is currently 64%.  This accounts for a typical cycle in which students complete their Ph.D. degrees in 5-6 years.  In calendar years 2010-2016, 69 students earned the Ph.D.; during that same period of time, 44 of our graduating doctoral students were appointed to first-time, tenure-track positions in higher education.*  Following is a list of Assistant Professor jobs (institution + area hired in) that our graduates have accepted since 2006. Unless noted otherwise, the positions are housed in English Departments:


Rovel Sequeira Assistant Professor in Women's and Gender Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Melanie Abeygunawardana Assistant Professor of American Studies, University of Minnesota
Shoshana Adler Assistant Professor of English, Vanderbilt University
Mayowa Ajibade Assistant Professor of Africana Studies, Brown University
Ajay Kumar Batra Assistant Professor of English, Vanderbilt University
Kenton Butcher Assistant Professor of English-Literary Studies, Bucknell University
Vikrant Dadawala Assistant Professor of English, York University, Toronto
Cassidy Holahan Assistant Professor of English, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Amber Rose Johnson Assistant Professor of English, McGill University
Ava L.J. Kim Assistant Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, University of California, Davis
A.V. Aylin Malcolm Assistant Professor of English, University of Guelph
Kiana Murphy Assistant Professor of American Studies, Brown University
Hao Jun Tam (Howie) Assistant Professor of English at Brandeis
Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach Assistant Professor and Murphy Visiting Fellow in Literature and Languages, Creative Writing, Hendrix College
Kaushik Ramu Assistant Professor of Literary & Cultural Studies, FLAME University, Pune, India
Sam Waterman Assistant Professor, New College of the Humanities in London
Dana Cypress Assistant Professor of English, Colgate University
Keyana Parks Assistant Professor of English, Kenyon College
Elias Rodriques Assistant Professor of African American Literature, Sarah Lawrence College
Eve Eure Assistant Professor, Lehman College, City University of New York
Melanie R. Hill Assistant Professor in African American Literature, Rutgers University, Newark
Lydia Yaitsky Kertz
Travis Chi Wing Lau Assistant Professor of English, Kenyon College
Riley McGuire Assistant Professor, Worcester State University
Asma Al-Naser Assistant Professor at Vanier College, Montreal, QB
Jessica Hurley Assistant Professor at George Mason University
J. Bret Maney Assistant Professor at Lehman College, CUNY.
Dianne Mitchell Assistant Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder
Eleni Palis Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee
Laura Soderberg Assistant Professor, University of Southern Indiana
Evelyn Soto Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University
B. Jamieson Stanley Assistant Professor, University of Delaware
Orchid Tierney Assistant Professor, Kenyon College
Christine Woody Assistant Professor, Widener University
Marina Bilbija Assistant Professor of English, Wesleyan University
Najnin Islam Assistant Professor of English, Colorado College
Sierra Lomuto Assistant Professor of English, Macalester College
Kalyan Nadiminti Assistant Professor of English, Gettysburg College
Ana Schwartz Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin
Rafael Walker Baruch College, CUNY - Assistant Professor of English
Omari Weekes Willamette University (African American Literature)
Jacqueline Marie Burek Assistant Professor of Medieval Literature at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.
Nesrine Chahine Assistant Professor of World Literature, University of Arkansas
A. Yumi Lee Assistant Professor of English at Villanova University
Daniel Snelson Assistant Professor of English, UCLA
Monika Bhagat-Kennedy University of Mississippi (Anglophone World Literature)
Beth Blum Harvard University (Anglophone Modernism)
Chris Jimenez Assistant Professor, Stetson University
Kelly Mee Rich Harvard University (Post-1945 British and Diasporic Anglophone Literatures)
Marissa Nicosia Penn State Abington (Renaissance Literature)
Julius B. Fleming, Jr. University of Maryland (20th-Century/African American Literature)
Katherine Bennett Gustafson Indiana University Northwest (18th-Century/Children's Literature)
Lucia Martinez Reed College (Poetry and Humanities/17th-century Poetry)
Vaclav Paris CUNY, City College of New York (Global Modernism)
Emma Stapely University of California Riverside (American Literature before 1900)
Philip Tsang University of Cincinnati (Global Anglophone)
Sunny Chen Yang Louisiana State University (Multi-ethnic Literature)
Rachel Banner West Chester University (African-American Literature)
Claire M. L. Bourne Virginia Commonwealth University (Early modern literature and Shakespeare)
Tekla Bude University of Witswatersrand (Medieval literature)
Ashley L. Cohen Georgetown University (Transatlantic Literature and Culture of the Long 18th Century)
Megan Cook Colby College (Medieval literature and History of English language)
Sarah Dowling University of Washington Bothell: Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Comparative Ethnic Studies)
Stephanie Elsky University of Wisconsin - Madison (Early modern literature and culture)
Kara Gaston University of Toronto, Scarborough (Medieval literature)
Grace Lavery UC Berkeley Assistant Professor
Phillip Maciak Louisiana State University (Film Studies)
Courtney Rydel Washington College (Medieval British literature and culture)
Greg Steirer Dickinson College (English & Film Studies)
Mecca Jamilah Sullivan University of Massachusetts Amherst: Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (African American women)
David Alff State University of New York, Buffalo (18th-century Literature)
James J. Fiumara University of Colorado at Denver (Film Studies)
Anna Foy University of Alabama Huntsville (18th-century Literature)
Jennifer Jahner California Institute of Technology (Medieval studies)
Melanie Micir Pennsylvania State University Erie (20th/21st-century Literature & Digital Humanities)
Christen Mucher Smith College: American Studies
Christopher Taylor University of Chicago (American Literature, Pre-national to Reconstruction)
Lance Wahlert Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis
Julia Bloch Bard College (Graduate MAT Faculty)
Urvashi Chakravarty University of Hawaii
Andrew Gaedtke University of Illinois
Greta LaFleur University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Jane Malcolm University of Montreal
William Nessly West Chester University
Emily Ogden University of Virginia
Rosemary O’Neill Kenyon College
Poulomi Saha Dickinson College
Jill Shashaty Community College of Philadelphia
Thomas Ward US Naval Academy
Hannah Wells Drew University
Gershun Avilez Yale University (English & African American Studies)
John Connor Colgate University
Laura Heffernan University of North Florida
Jeehyun Lim Denison University
Gregory Wolmart Drexel University (Cinema and Television; Film History)
Ian Cornelius Yale University
Benjamin Kahan Louisiana State University
Jared Richman Assistant Professor of English, Colorado College
Joseph Drury Wesleyan University
Alexine Fleck Community College of Philadelphia
Catherine Nicholson Yale University
Kurt Schreyer University of Missouri, St. Louis
Josh Schuster University of Western Ontario
Rachel Buurma University of Toronto
Jennifer Higginbotham Ohio State University (English and Women's Studies)
Jonathan Hsy George Washington University
Cyrus Mulready SUNY New Paltz
Cynthia Port Coastal Carolina University
Dahlia Porter Vanderbilt University
Veronica Schanoes CUNY - Queens College
Ilana Blumberg Michigan State University
Jeffrey Dillon Brown CUNY-Brooklyn College
Marissa Greenberg University of New Mexico
Patricia Hopkins Christopher Newport University
John P. Lessard University of the Pacific
Mark J. Miller CUNY-Hunter College
Justine S. Murison University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Kathy Lou Schultz University of Memphis
Stella Singer Cleveland State University
Stephanie Anne Viereck Gibbs Kamath University of Massachusetts-Boston
Jeff Allred CUNY-Hunter College
Holly Barbaccia Georgetown College (English and Women's Studies)
Jeremy Braddock Princeton University
Louis Cabri University of Windsor
Clare Costley UConn-Storrs Campus
Jane Hwang Degenhardt Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Amina Gautier Saint Joseph's University
Miriam Jacobson Wake Forest
Damien Keane SUNY Buffalo
Paul Kintzele University of Houston-Downtown
Bernard Jaeseong Rhie Associate Professor, Williams College
Mark Rifkin Skidmore College
Jessica A. Rosenfeld Washington University in St. Louis
Martha E. Schoolman Miami University at Ohio
Elizabeth Williamson Evergreen State College
Brett Wilson College of William and Mary
Shanyn Fiske Rutgers-Camden
Matthew Hart Columbia University (English and Comparative Literature)
Michelle Karnes University of Missouri Columbia
Scott Krawczyk Associate Professor and Department Head, the Department of English, USMA-West Point
Erika T. Lin University of Louisville
James Peterson Penn State Abington
Juliet Shields Ohio State University, Marion
Alice Brittan Dalhousie University
Yoonmee Chang Indiana University
Jean Feerick Brown University
David Alan Golumbia University of Virginia (English and Media Studies)
Lawrence Warner University of Adelaide
Hester Blum University of Tennessee
James Kearney Yale University
Lana Schwebel Yale Divinity School
Anjali Arondekar University of California Santa Cruz
Jennifer Jordan Baker Yale University
Robert Barrett University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Jonna Mackin Colby Sawyer College
Erik Simpson Grinnell College
Rayna Margrit Kalas Portland State
Janet Knepper Clarion University
Antonio Viego, Jr. Duke University (English and Romance Studies)
Donald Zimmerman U.S. Air Force Academy
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Cumulative, last ten years:

Ph.D.s granted during calendar years 2006-2016: 110


First-time tenure track jobs: 64

= 58% Placement.


 * For the purposes of documenting our Placement record, we only count first-time, tenure-track positions in higher education. (We also do not count here Comparative Literature students who work primarily with English faculty.) Some of our students accept postdoctoral fellowships, one-year or three-year visiting appointments, or second tenure-track jobs at institutions more attractive or congenial than their first. Some institutions appear to count these sorts of career steps as "placements," but that is misleading and results in an overcount. A placement is a tenure-track assistant professorship, and a program should only count a student as having been placed once.

For a more complete sense of where are program's graduates are now, including placements in academic administration and secondary education, please refer to our Doctoral Alumni Directory.