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Cyrus Mulready

2006 Ph.D. Graduate
Dissertation Advisor(s): Margreta de Grazia
"Romancing the Globe: Romance, English Expansion and the Early Modern Stage"

Assistant Professor of English, SUNY-New Paltz

Cyrus Mulready received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 2006.  He is currently working on Romancing the Globe, a book length project that connects the development of romance as a dramatic genre in early modern England to the expanding colonial and commercial interests of the period. Cyrus has been teaching at Penn since 2001, offering courses on topics ranging from representations of race in literature to travel and adventure fiction. In 2003, he received the Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Graduate Student from the School of Arts and Sciences.

Courses Taught

summer 2007

ENGL 020.900 Utopia and Dystopia  

spring 2007

ENGL 022.001 Romance  

fall 2006