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Hennig Cohen

(August 26, 1919 - December 12, 1996)



Hennig Cohen, American English educator. Decorated Air medal with five oak leaf clusters.; Guggenheim fellow, 1960, Newberry Library fellow, 1976, National Endowment for Humanities fellow Winterthur Museum, 1980-1981.


AB, University of Southern California, 1941; Master of Arts, University of Southern California, 1948; Doctor of Philosophy, Tulane University, 1951; Master of Arts (honorary), University Pennsylvania, 1971.


News editor station, WCOS, Columbia, South Carolina., 1945-1946; director public relations, University of Southern California, Columbia, 1946-1956; assistant Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1957-1961; associate professor, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1961-1965; professor, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1965-1974; John Welsh Centennial professor of history and literature, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1974-1992; lecturer, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1992-1996. Visiting lecturer Bryn Mawr College, 1962-1963, Swarthmore College, 1963-1964, 65. Visiting professor Stanford University, 1968, U. Delhi, 1982, Doshisha U., Kyoto, Japan, 1988, U. Sussex, England, 1989.

Fulbright professor American studies U. London, 1973-1974, U. Budapest, 1978.


Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Norman Carey "Hawthorne's Allegorical Method in the Tales and Major Romances"


Douglas R. Wilmes "The Satiric Mode in Melville's Fiction: Pierre, Israel Potter, The Confidence-Man, and the Short Stories "


James A. Levernier "The Uses and Forms of the Indian Captivity Narratives"
Jill McKinney "Melville and the Law"


Robert J. Graham "An Interpretation of Concepts of Women in American Literature, 1813–1871"
Barbara M. Long "A Critical Edition of Clarence King's Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada"
James W. Nechas "Repetition in the Language of Moby-Dick"


Charles J Haberstroh, Jr. "Melville's Fathers"
Thomas A Tenney "Mark Twain's Travel Sketches in the Newspapers"


R.J.P. Rao "Early American Interest in Vedic Literature and Vedantic Philosophy"


Agnes Dicken Cannon "Melville's Search for Poetic Theory, Technique, and Themes"
Bertram Mott "Mark Twain and Calvinism"


Peter S Bracher "Dickens and His American Readers, 1835-1870"


Jack Lee Capps "Emily Dickinson's Reading 1836-1886: A study of the Sources of Her Poetry"


James Patrick Dougherty "E.E. Cummings' "The Enormous Room" and its Relation to his Poetry"


William Byron Dillingham "Themes and Literary Techniques in the Fiction of Frank Norris"
Cecil Lloyd Patterson "A Different Drum: The Image of the Negro in the Nineteenth Century Popular Song Books"

Courses Taught

fall 1996

ENGL 016.301 Moby-Dick  

fall 1995

ENGL 016.301 Moby-Dick