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Herbert Howarth

Herbert Howarth died in 1971.  He was Professor of English in the University of Pennsylvania. He was the author of The Irish Writers (1959), Notes on Some Figures Behind T.S. Eliot (1966), and The Tiger’s Heart (1969).


Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Lois S. Keates "The Novels of Irish Murdoch: Myth, Morals, and Metaphysics "


David B McGrail "The Narrator in the Fiction of Joseph Conrad"
Ruth Perlmutter "Arthur Waley 1889-1996"


Patricia M Boyle "The Development of a Critical Perspective in the Novels of Elizabeth Gaskell "
Judith Reiter Cohen "The Holy Estate; D. H. Lawrence's Views on Marriage"
Ruth L Hallford "The Early Fiction of Samuel Beckett"
Helen M Yanko "Conrad as Psychologist"


Robert Boyer "Anglo-Saxon and Middle English Influences in the Poetry of W. H. Auden"
Norman T Gates "The Poetry of Richard Aldington: Its Value and Influence"
William H. Hardesty "Joseph Conrad: The Last Seven Years"


Dirk R. Budd "The Vicissitudes of the Osborne Protest from 1956 to 1964"


Paula Duffey Robison "Form and Meaning in the Novels of George Orwell"
Frederic Jacobs "The Reputation of Ford Madox Ford"
Ann S Johnson "Lawrence Durrell's "Prism-Sightedness": The Structure of The Alexandria Quartet"


William A. Dumbleton "The Literary Relationship of Robert Bridges to Gerard Manley Hopkins, 1889–1900"