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ENGL Creative Writing Workshop Course Minor



ENGL0051.401 - Community Writing: Post-COVID University - Zita Cristina Nunes Monday 10:15-1:14pm
ENGL3104.401 - Poetry Lab - Syd Zolf T 1:45-4:45
ENGL3205.301 - Science Fiction - Department Staff W 5:15pm-815pm
ENGL3208.301 - Advanced Fiction Writing: Short Fiction - Max Apple T 1:45-4:45pm
ENGL3307.301 - Creative Nonfiction Writing - Max Apple R 1:45-4:45pm
ENGL3308.301 - Cooking with Words - Gabrielle Hamilton T 1:45-4:45pm
ENGL3350.301 - Advanced Nonfiction Writing: Narrative Nonfiction - Buzz Bissinger R 5:15-8:15pm and F 1:45-4:45pm (every other week)
ENGL3353.301 - Advanced Nonfiction Writing: Xfic - Jay Kirk M 5:15-8:15pm
ENGL3408.301 - Long-Form Journalism - Dick Polman W 1:45-4:45
ENGL3411.301 - The Arts and Popular Culture - Anthony DeCurtis R 1:45-4:45pm
ENGL3504.401 - Across Forms - Syd Zolf, Sharon A Hayes W 1:45-4:45pm
ENGL3510.301 - Making Comics - Jean-Christophe Cloutier, Robert Berry TR 10:15-11:45am
ENGL3604.401 - Playwriting Workshop - Anne Marie Cammarato TR 10:15-11:44am
ENGL3606.401 - Experimental Playwriting - Brooke O'Harra MW 12pm-1:30pm



ENGL3100.301 - Poetry Workshop - Ron Silliman W 1:45-4:45pm 
ENGL3111.301 - Experimental Writing - Kenneth Goldsmith R 1:45pm-4:45pm
ENGL3201.301 - Flash Fiction - Weike Wang M 1:45pm-4:45pm
ENGL3208.301 - Short Fiction - Max Apple T 1:45-4:45pm 
ENGL3215.301 - The Art of Fiction - Karen Rile R 3:30-6:30pm
ENGL3256.301 - Advanced Writing for Young Adults - Nova Ren Suma W 1:45-4:45pm
ENGL3303.301 - Narrative Nonfiction: The Art of Experience - Jay Kirk W 5:15-8:15pm
ENGL3408.301 - Long-Form Journalism - Dick Polman M 1:45-4:45pm
ENGL3410.301 - Writing from Photographs - Paul Hendrickson M 1:45-4:45pm
ENGL3417.301 - Political Journalism - Dick Polman W 1:45-4:45pm
ENGL3426.301 - The Art of Editing - Julia Bloch R 10:15am-1:15pm
ENGL3502.301 - Writing and Borders - Ahmad Almallah MW 10:15am-11:45am