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Introduction to Creative Writing: Writing Real Science

ENGL 3026.401
also offered as: ASAM 1226
M 10:15am-1:15pm

In this course, students will read and write fiction and nonfiction with an eye for science research. Most if not all fiction and nonfiction requires some kind of research. Our readings will explore how writers can incorporate knowledge and facts into their prose without compromising craft (the how). While research is ubiquitous to writers, science is rarely found in creative writing without being conflated with science fiction—which this course will touch on, but will not be our main focus. Instead, this course will explore ways to bring real science into our pieces and make them fun, exciting and fresh. We will read fiction, nonfiction and poetry that have been imbued with science either in the content itself or in the methods.  Each student will have the opportunity to workshop up to 4 pieces (3-5 pages each). Students do not need a science background for the course, though an interest in science, creative writing and craft will prove helpful.

English Major Requirements
English Concentration Attributes
  • Creative Writing Workshop Course Minor (AECW)
College Attributes
Additional Attributes