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Claude Searcy McIver

1936 Ph.D. Graduate
Dissertation Advisor(s): Frank Alan Laurie, Jr.
"William Somerset Maugham: A Study of Technique and Literary Sources"

24 Nov 1902 - 1 Apr 1947

Dr. C. S. McIver of Austin died at a hospital on Tuesday April 1, and funeral services were held at Austin on the following day. Judge and Mrs J. G. Lyles were among those attending the funeral from Franklin.
Dr. McIver received his education at Philadelphia and he taught in a University at Philadelphia for a number of years. About two years ago he came to Texas and accepted a position with a publishing company out of New York. He was only 45 years of age at the time of his death.
Dr McIver is survived by his widow, Mrs. Idalia McIver of Austin, one daughter, Mollie McIver and son, Donald Roderick McIver both of Austin; his parents Mr. and Mrs. Walter McIver of Normangee; two brothers; Dr. Julius McIver of Dallas and D. T. McIver of Fishers Store, two sisters, Mrs. J. G. Lyles of Franklin and Mrs. A. L. Pool of Ennis, Mrs. R. E. Hayes of Chocolate Bayou.