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ENGL0024.401 - Monsters in Film and Literature - Chi-ming Yang TR 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL0060.001 - Law and Literature - Nancy Bentley MWF 10:15-11:14am
ENGL0159.401 - Gender and Society - Rosed Serrano MW 3:30-4:59pm
ENGL0391.301 - Dark Academia - Caroline Batten Monday 3:30-6:29pm
ENGL2501.401 - Science Fictions of Octavia E. Butler - Chi-ming Yang Wedesday 3:30-6:29pm



ENGL0040.601 - The Twentieth Century: Whose American Dream? - Thomas Collins Tuesday 5:15-8:14pm
ENGL0159.401 - Gender and Society - Department Staff TR 12pm-12:59pm
ENGL0320.401 - Black Queer Traditions - Dagmawi Woubshet MW 10:15-11:44am
ENGL0590.401 - Cinema and Politics - Rita Barnard MW 10:15-11:44am
ENGL0590.402 - Cinema and Politics - Rita Barnard TR 10:15-11:44am
ENGL1120.401 - Literature of the Americas to 1900 - David Kazanjian TR 5:15-6:44pm
ENGL1260.401 - Latinx Literature and Culture - Jennifer Ponce de León MW 3:30-4:59pm
ENGL1261.401 - Radical Arts in the Americas - Jennifer Ponce de León MW 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL1270.401 - Introduction to Asian American Literature - Josephine Park MWF 10:15-11:14am
ENGL2080.401 - Representations of the Holocaust - Al Filreis TR 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL2140.301 - Literature of New York City - Nancy Bentley MW 3:30-4:59pm
ENGL2272.401 - In/Visible: Asian American Cultural Critique - Bakirathi Mani Wednesday 1:45-4:44pm


ENGL0050.910 - Sex and Power in the US - Matty Hemming MW 5:15-7:45pm
ENGL0159.920 - Gender and Society - Elizabeth Rose TR 12-3:59


ENGL0159.401 - Gender and Society - Angelina Edith Eimannsberger MW 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL0160.401 - Introduction to Queer Theory - S. Pearl Brilmyer TR 12-1:29pm
ENGL0590.401 - Cinema and Politics - Rita Barnard TR 10:15-11:44
ENGL2270.401 - Race and Asian American Literature - Josephine Park MW 10:15-11:44