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Gender and Society

ENGL 0159.401
also offered as: GSWS 0002.401
MW 1:45-3:14pm

This course will introduce students to the ways in which sex, gender, and sexuality mark our bodies, influence our perceptions of self and others, organize families and work like, delimit opportunities for individuals and groups of people, as well as impact the terms of local and transnational economic exchange. We will explore the ways in which sex, gender, and sexuality work with other markers of difference and social status such as race, age, nationality, and ability to further demarcate possibilities, freedoms, choices, and opportunities available to people.

This course fulfills College Sector 1: Society.

English Major Requirements
  • Sector 2 Difference and Diaspora (AEDD)
English Concentration Attributes
  • Gender/Sexuality¬†Concentration (AEGS)
College Attributes
  • Foundational Approach: Cultural Diversity in US (AUCD)