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Cristina Pangilinan

2009 Ph.D. Graduate
Dissertation Advisor(s): Rita Copeland, Emily Steiner
"Poetry and London Learning: Chaucer, Gower, USK, Langland and Hoccleve"

Visiting Assistant Professor of English (Medieval literature specialist) at Willamette University

Cristina Pangilinan (B.A., University of British Columbia; M.A. University of Western Ontario) received her PhD in Medieval English Literature from the English Department of the University of Pennsylvania in 2009.

Her dissertation, "Poetry and London Learning: Chaucer, Gower, Usk, Langland, and Hoccleve" argues that London poetry presents innovative, ad hoc revisions of academic disciplines such as ethics, natural history, and history.

Her teaching interests include romance, medieval and Renaissance London, early English poetry and drama, Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, the lyric, and the representation of history, remains, and relics in poetry.

Her research interests include medieval intellectual culture, John Gower, medieval academic disciplines, early London, ethics, historiography, medieval political theory, the history of the university, and intellectual traditions and biographies.