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Greetings from the graduate TAs and  Faculty who will be in London to facilitate your study this fall.

Faculty Directors:

Fall 2006:
Suvir Kaul

Spring 2007:
Ania Loomba

Graduate TAs (full year):

Ian Cornelius

My family moved every few years when I was growing up; I graduated from high school in Arizona and went to college at Washington University in St. Louis, where I first studied biology before being won over by English lit. I studied for a year in England as an undergrad (Keble College, Oxford). At Penn I study the ways that late medieval English poetry engaged with Latin school-curricula. I'll be doing research on this subject in London. When I was in England as an undergraduate, London was where I went to excape from Oxford on weekends. I'm excited to be living in the city this time around, and looking forward to meeting all of you in a few weeks. In the mean time, feel free to contact me at my upenn address: icorneli, at

Joshua Ratner
I grew up in western Massachusetts (Amherst), went to college in Minnesota, worked for a little while in Kansas and then a few years in Oakland, CA, and now live here in Philly while studying at Penn.  When I was 13, my family and I lived in North London for a year, so I'm eager to return.  I'm moving in to a dorm near Waterloo station on September 16, and hope to meet you all soon after that.  I study early nineteenth century American literature, so I plan to use London archives to study some American authors who spent time in London (Washington Irving, John Neal) and who wrote extensively about transatlantic literary relations.  I also hope to read periodicals to see how the American and British periodicals differed in their presentations of and reflections on American literature. When I'm not in the library, I hope to play some soccer, explore London neighborhoods on foot and bicycle, and see a lot of theatre. If you have any questions, contact me through my  upenn email account. (jratner, at  Looking forward to meeting you! -joshua