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Cheltenham Literary FestivalPlease look at the schedule for the Cheltenham Literary Festival at

This celebration of book culture lasts more than a week, and if we can
agree on a date, the Program will buy tickets and will reimburse each
student for the price of one ticket to any talk or event that you
would like to attend (you make your own booking). Cheltenham is 90
minutes away from London by train, and the trip will make for a nice
visit to a town that came to prominence as a spa town in the late
eighteenth century and retains much of its Regency charm (or so I am

So, browse the festival program and we can decide on the trip once we
meet in London.
------------------------------------------------------------------ Brick Lane Festival: 10 Sept 

For those who will be in London on September 10, you might wish to visit the Brick Lane Festival (and if you haven't read Monica Ali's fine and controversial novel "Brick Lane" you might want to get hold of a copy now):

Mayor's Thames Festival: 16 Sept If you get there by September 16, you should wander around the Mayor's Thames Festival on Sept. 16 and 17:

September is the last month in which the English outdoors is fun, so mingle with the crowds!

Rock 'n' Roll Date Change
Rock 'n' Roll Tickets Changed to Saturday Matinee (2:30 p.m.) September 23, 2006
Email Suvir to confirm you can make this new date. We will meet at the theatre at 2 pm. Suvir will be there with the tickets, and will distribute them then.