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Sam H Samore


I am a fifth year PhD candidate in the English department at Penn, where I am also pursuing a certificate in cinema and media studies. I have a BA in English from Brown University. 

My dissertation, "Teens on TV: School, Work, and the Failed Revolution," reads the genre of High School TV through the lens of the radical youth politics of the sixties. My research interests also include media studies, political economy, and critical theory. 

I have been a TA for courses on television and new media, queer studies, contemporary political art, and Marxist theory. I also have experience teaching at the high school and grade school level. I was one of the organizers of the "Spinoza After Marx" conference in May 2021, hosted by the Penn Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures. In 2021, I was the recipient of the Dick Wolf Award for Best Graduate Essay in Cinema and Media Studies. 

Courses Taught

fall 2022

ENGL 4997.302 JRS: What is a Teenager?  

spring 2021