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Joan Lubin

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B.A. Women's Studies, UCLA (2010)

Joan Lubin is the 2017 John Money Fellow for Scholars of Sexology at the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research in Bloomington, Indiana.

“Social Science Fictions: The Scalar Aesthetics of Cold War Scientism” examines the production of science as an aesthetic category, tracing the ways in which scale emerges as its organizing logic and most persistent formal problem. By thinking of science as an aesthetic category, and not just an ideological or methodological one, this project reads the scientism of the Cold War as the foundation for a set of literary experiments with scientific modes of representation. Each chapter identifies a site of representational negotiation at the interface of the literary and the social scientific to track how the answers ventured to the question of how to scale representations to reality repurposed mathematical formalism in the service of social realism and developed modes of narrative representation for an age of statistical aggregation.


Courses Taught

fall 2016

ENGL 102.602 Utopia/Dystopia  
ENGL 274.601 The 21st Century  

spring 2013

ENGL 104.404 The Twentieth Century