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UPENN Ben Franklin Seminars



ENGL0506.301 - Modernism and the Great Novella - Jed Esty Wednesday 3:30-6:29pm
ENGL0518.401 - Cinema and Globalization - Rita Barnard MW 10:15-11:44am
ENGL0519.401 - Partition and the Making of South Asia - Suvir Kaul Tuesday 12-2:59pm
ENGL0531.401 - Reproductive Fictions - Emily Steinlight TR 10:15-11:44
ENGL0540.401 - History of Literary Criticism - Rita Copeland TR 1:45-3:14pm
ENGL0590.401 - Cinema and Politics - Rita Barnard TR 10:15-11:44
ENGL0596.401 - Charles Chaplin's Film and the Politics of Silence - Jacob Myers Wednesday 5:15-8:14pm