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L. Barry Pick Prize for Best Undergraduate Thesis

Awarded annually for the best thesis written by a student in the English Honors Program.  The deadline is usually end of March; interested students should contact the English Honors Director with questions.


Cagney N. Kelshaw (recipient)

“Dweorgas and Dvergir: Disease, Disorder, and Deviance in Old English and Norse Literature” 


Quinn A. Robinson (co-recipient)


“The Experience is Dialect”: Narrative and Resistive Possibilities of Pidgin in

            All I Asking For Is My Body and Rolling the R’s

Sofia E. Sears (co-recipient)


Unseamly Girlhoods: Restitching Shirley Jackson’s Hangsaman With Shelley Jackson’s Patchwork Girl


Jane E. Bua (honorable mention)

Honorable Mention for a Critical Creative Honors Thesis

"Translating the Music of Melancholy in Victor Hugo's 'Demain, Dés l' Aube'"

Sumant M. Rao (recipient)

"The Relational Body in Margaret Cavendish's Philosophy: 'New Materialism' and a Feminist History of Science"


Caitlin Quinn (co-recipient)

"'What No Book of Travels Could Inform You of': Constructing the Female Eye Witness in OROONOKO,  OR THE ROYAL SLAVE and THE TURKISH EMBASSY LETTERS"

Jadyn A. Wilensky (co-recipient)

"When Humanity Falls Apart: The Black Women Who Emerge from Poetic Chaos"


Zoe E. Braccia (recipient)

"Payment Received in Full":   Women's Labor Contributions to the Philadelphia Printing Industry at the turn of the 19th Century


Derek J. Willie (recipient)


“A Nature Like Some Mighty River”:  Historical Difference and Readerly Subjectivity in George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss





Ramathi H. Bandaranayake (honorable mention)

"Medicine's Split Face":  Pat Barker's Regeneration Trilogy and Wartime

Natalie V. Burke (co-recipient)

"From Fact and Reason":  Student Notes by Christopher Hedrick, University of Pennsylvania, 1788-1792

Jeffrey R. Careyva (co-recipient)

"The Hedgehog and the Highway:  Derrida and Knowing the Animal in Poetry"

Karis L. Stephen (honorable mention)

"Black Travel through Time and Space:  Music Videos from Sun Ra to Erykah Badu"


Rebecca E. Pritzker (co-recipient)

"Sensing Sensibility:  Jane Austen's Pedagogical Sympathy"

Nayeli Riano (co-recipient)

Introduction to "Pastorcillos", or "Little Shepherds:"  Exploring a Miscellaneous Manuscript Book from Spain's Early Modern Period


John D Baranik (co-recipient)

"Temporality and Choice in Milton's Middle Sonnets"

Gabriel A. Ojeda-Sague (co-recipient)

"'Another, Then Another':  Gay Male Orgy and Political Futurity"


Carolina I Ortiz (co-recipient)
Julia A Rossi (co-recipient)


Matthew J Fernandez (co-recipient)

"Re-enacting Self, State and Trauma:  Civil War Memory and John Brown's Body 1913-1964:

Brittney P Joyce (honorable mention)

Trawing in Silences:  Intimacy and Authority in the Writing of Junot Diaz

Hannah G Van Sciver (co-recipient)

Quoting Poetry in Contemporary Drama:  Poetry as Resurrection, and Redemption from Death


Alexa M Bryn (recipient)

"The Politics of Crosshatching:  Formal Hybridity in Natasha Trethewey's Native Guard"


Steven R. Green (honorable mention)

Title:  "Out of the Past and onto the Screen:  Christopher Nolan and Blockbuster Noir"

Rebecca A. Levine (recipient)

Title:  "Remains Without Remaining':  Trauma and Melancholia in the Design, Construction, and Destruction of Holocaust Memorials."


Trisha Y. Low (co-recipient)

Title:  "Guts:  On Jack Spicer, Robin Blaser, and a Poetics of Masochism"

Valeria A. Tsygankova (co-recipient)

Title:  "Representing Church and State:  Paratexts of the Authorized Elizabethan Bible"


Maxime D. McKenna (recipient)

Title: "In the Wake of a Fair Use Trial: Incest, Citation and the Legal Legacy of Finnegans Wake"


Brooke S. Palmieri (recipient)
Benjamin J. Wiebracht (recipient)


Meghan M. Daly (honorable mention)
Stephen R. McLaughlin (honorable mention)
Cynthia L. Padera (recipient)


Willa Rohrer (co-recipient)
Amir Shachmurove (co-recipient)


Lynn Huang (recipient)


Sharon Fulton (recipient)


Sara Murphy (co-recipient)
Brenner Thomas (co-recipient)