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Dosoretz Family Prize

Awarded annually for the best essay written by a graduating senior English major.


Elizabeth M. Shuert (recipient)

“The Untranslatable: Philosophies of Language in Se questo e un uomo and The Divine Comedy


Erin O. Brennan (recipient)


“Inside the Guarded Gates: Motherhood, Caregiving, and Domestic Work in Janice Y. K.Lee’s The Expatriates


Sumant M. Rao (recipient)

"Commodity Fetishism and Gendered Economic Exclusion in Isabella Whitney's "Wyll and Testament"


Ashley N. Codner (honorable mention)

"'What Would Happen if We Didn't Like [Louis Armstrong]?': Centering Blues Figures wihtin Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man"

Alyson Esther del Pino (recipient)

"A Hell From Which to Return:  Print Theory, Deleuze and Guattari, and Rauschenberg's Inferno Series"


Charlotte L. Bausch (recipient)

Queer Sex in Scientific Discourse:  Laud Humphrey's Tearoom Trade and the Pathologizing of Homosexuality in the Scientific Community

Annabelle G. Williams (honorable mention)

Little Women, the Domestic Epic, and Family as Nation


Sharon R. Christner (recipient)


A Chamber called Peace:  Movement, Rest and Sleep in The Pilgrim’s Progress



Sean W. Gill (recipient)

More Medieval than the Medieval:  A Material Examination of the Kelmscott Chaucer, its Antecedents, and its Motivations "Always historicize!" -Frederic Jameson

Ellie C. Schroeder (honorable mention)

Chinese Eyes and Turkish Trousers:  Racial Alterity and Sexual Liberation in To the Lighthouse and Orlando


Michaela J. Kotziers (recipient)

The Oppressed Haunts the Oppressor


Sophia J. Lee (recipient)

"Raptus in Wuthering Heights:  the Rape and Theft of Isabella Linton"


Caroline M. Yost (recipient)

"Politicizing the 'Real':  The Representation of Class in The Road to Wigan Pier and Housing Problems (1935)"


Kevin M Hudson (co-recipient)

"Adapting the Aesthetic Encounter:  Lech Majewski's The Mill and the Cross (2011) as an Enframement of the Art Museum Experience" (2013)

Seth A Simons (co-recipient)

"Streams Gush Down the River:  The Lyric Moment and Epic"


Michael S King (recipient)

"For Unspeakable Reasons:  Humming as Improvisation"

Rivky (Jennifer) Mondal (honorable mention)

"Performing Oneself:  The stage of the theatrical persona in Ross McElwee's essay film, "Sherman's March"


Caitlin M. Drummond (recipient)

Title:  'Minds unhing'd from old faith and love': Self-Forgetfulness, Memory and Social Redemption in the Works of George Eliot.

Deven M. Parker (honorable mention)

Title:  Re-rewriting the Gothic:  Christabel and the Lucy Poems


Valeria A. Tsygankova (recipient)

Title:  "The Philosophers and the Animals":  Opening gaps in reason with teh inarticulate voice.


Stephen W. Krewson (co-recipient)

Title: "Putting the Salt Back Inside Sozaboy"

Jessica B. Wolfe (co-recipient)

Title: "'Do Thyself No Harm!' Suicide in Richardson's Clarissa and Eighteenth-Century Religious Discourse"


Mary Kathryn Miller (honorable mention)
Alicia G. Puglionesi (recipient)


Richard Z. Lee (recipient)


Caitlin M. Charos (honorable mention)
Sara E. Gorman (recipient)


Thomas C. Lay (1st place)