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Dosoretz Family Prize

Awarded annually for the best essay written by a graduating senior English major.


Sharon R. Christner (recipient)


A Chamber called Peace:  Movement, Rest and Sleep in The Pilgrim’s Progress



Sean W. Gill (recipient)

More Medieval than the Medieval:  A Material Examination of the Kelmscott Chaucer, its Antecedents, and its Motivations "Always historicize!" -Frederic Jameson

Ellie C. Schroeder (honorable mention)

Chinese Eyes and Turkish Trousers:  Racial Alterity and Sexual Liberation in To the Lighthouse and Orlando


Michaela J. Kotziers (recipient)

The Oppressed Haunts the Oppressor


Sophia J. Lee (recipient)

"Raptus in Wuthering Heights:  the Rape and Theft of Isabella Linton"


Caroline M. Yost (recipient)

"Politicizing the 'Real':  The Representation of Class in The Road to Wigan Pier and Housing Problems (1935)"


Kevin M Hudson (co-recipient)

"Adapting the Aesthetic Encounter:  Lech Majewski's The Mill and the Cross (2011) as an Enframement of the Art Museum Experience" (2013)

Seth A Simons (co-recipient)

"Streams Gush Down the River:  The Lyric Moment and Epic"


Michael S King (recipient)

"For Unspeakable Reasons:  Humming as Improvisation"

Rivky (Jennifer) Mondal (honorable mention)

"Performing Oneself:  The stage of the theatrical persona in Ross McElwee's essay film, "Sherman's March"


Caitlin M. Drummond (recipient)

Title:  'Minds unhing'd from old faith and love': Self-Forgetfulness, Memory and Social Redemption in the Works of George Eliot.

Deven M. Parker (honorable mention)

Title:  Re-rewriting the Gothic:  Christabel and the Lucy Poems


Valeria A. Tsygankova (recipient)

Title:  "The Philosophers and the Animals":  Opening gaps in reason with teh inarticulate voice.


Stephen W. Krewson (co-recipient)

Title: "Putting the Salt Back Inside Sozaboy"

Jessica B. Wolfe (co-recipient)

Title: "'Do Thyself No Harm!' Suicide in Richardson's Clarissa and Eighteenth-Century Religious Discourse"


Mary Kathryn Miller (honorable mention)
Alicia G. Puglionesi (recipient)


Richard Z. Lee (recipient)


Caitlin M. Charos (honorable mention)
Sara E. Gorman (recipient)


Thomas C. Lay (1st place)