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upcoming events in October:

Macbeth with Patrick Stewart (various dates):   

There are still some seats left for the RSC's highly praised Macbeth with Patrick Stewart at the Gielgud Theatre.  The  boxoffice phone at the Gielgud is 0870 950 0915.   Check for the 30 pound seats (upper level) and ask for a student concession.  The Program will reimburse you 20 pounds, with additional reimbursement if budget allows at the end of term.

London Film Festival (various dates):

We will reimburse for one ticket to any screening at the London Film Festival, which begins at BFI and all over town on Oct 17th.  Check it out at

Cambridge (Oct 20):

If you were unable to make the trip to Cambridge on Oct 13, you have a second chance on Oct 20.  Get in touch with John Connor <> by Thursday 18th to confirm your participation.  The group will rendezvous at the main ticket office of Kings Cross Train Station, 10AM on Saturday.


Zizek (Oct 23):

If I were not going to be out of the country, I would definitely attend the lecture on Tuesday Oct 23rd by Slavoj Zizek on "The Two Faces of Humanitarianism" at the Birkbeck Institute for Humanities.  Zizek is the rock star / stand-up comic of contemporary theory, a brilliant and entertaining lecturer.  This event is free and open to the public, Oct 23rd from 2PM to 5PM in Room B34 of the Birkbeck Main Building on Malet Street.  For info, go to