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Counting Outside Courses

Majors may count two non-English Department courses from closely related offerings in other departments. Frequently these will be included in the concentration where appropriate.

Literature courses in any department -- such as Comparative Literature, German, Romance Languages, Classical Studies, Slavic Languages, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies -- are automatically approved, and students are urged to sample national and regional literatures other than those of the English-speaking nations. Students may count any Linguistics course toward the English major.

Courses outside the English department that do not deal with literature will be considered "closely related" only if they are clearly relevant to the student's concentration within the department. For example, an 18th-century intellectual history course would in most cases be allowed for a student concentrating on the eighteenth century as a literary period (in a "period" concentration). Students should check with their English advisor to confirm that an outside course will fit their programs in the major.