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Undergraduate English Research Grants

Each year, the Undergraduate English program awards a small number of Undergraduate Research and Travel Grants. Before you apply for one of these grants, though, you should first check out funding available through CURF, especially the Pincus-Magaziner Family grants detailed here:

Pincus-Magaziner Family grants are available only to majors in a few departments, English among them. This means you'll have a better-than-usual chance at getting one of these research / travel grants. Since our funding within the English department is limited, you will be well advised to apply for a Pincus-Magaziner grant first.

For those English majors who do not receive funding through CURF, but who are engaged in promising research projects, we would like to reimburse them, either fully or partially, for costs incurred by travel to archives, as well as for photocopying, permissions, reproductions, and other legitimate research expenses. Researchers must have a Faculty Director enthusiastically willing to oversee and sponsor the project. Undergraduate English Research Grant Funds may be used to cover any travel expenses which are eligible under UPenn policy (

To apply, please submit the following materials to the Undergraduate Chair:

  • A detailed 500-1000 word proposal.
  • A precise, researched, and itemized buget (with explanations where necessary) detailing costs. Please make clear which of these items are part of your grant request.
  • A letter of support from your Faculty Director.

Successful applicants will be awarded a specific maximum budget.

Applications will be read on a rolling basis until the money is exhausted. Applicants can apply for a grant in a given fiscal year as early as July 1st.

Approval will be granted on first-come, first-served basis until the funds have been exhausted.

After the research as been completed, students will submit their receipts for reimbursement via the online Concur Travel and Expense Management system.  Students will be required to upload copies of receipts and award email document, as part of the submission process.

1. The system can be accessed by clicking on "Concur Travel and Expense" under "Travel" on the U@Penn page.

2. To begin using the system, you will need to set up a profile by

 * clicking on the link above and entering your Penn Key and password
 * selecting the "Profile" tab at the top of the page
 * clicking on "personal information."

If you have used World Travel in the past, this page will be partially populated with some of your personal information or preferences; if not, you will see only your name and PennKey. Under "company information," you will need to select a Budget Administrator/Approver. Please select "02 SAS TIM WEAL," which will guarantee that your requests for approval of travel booked through Concur/World Travel will be directed to all of us in the business office via our list-serve, and complete any other required fields.

3.  Although your departmental administrators will not be submitting your reimbursement requests for you, we need for them to be able to access your reports so they may view your expenses and provide the business office with the correct budget codes. To that end, please add Elizabeth Lunger as a delegate in your expense profile. At the "profile" tab, click on "expense delegates" under "expense settings." After you add Elizabeth's name, check off the boxes for "can prepare," "can view receipts," "receives emails," and "receives approval emails," then save the settings.

And now for a couple of general reminders regarding expense reimbursement:

Here is the link to the Penn Travel Portal, where you can go to book travel or get more information about travel policies:

If you rent a car while conducting business or research for Penn you must use one of the Penn-authorized rental companies. You must also take the on-line knowledge building driving course every three years. If you do not take this course and have an accident, your department will be responsible for all damages resulting from the accident.

Sales taxes on book purchases are not reimbursable.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the business office at:, Elizabeth Lunger at: or Loretta M. Witham Turner at: