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Fiction Writing Workshop: Happily Ever After. Or Not. Fairy Tales for Contemporary Writers

ENGL 112.601

We've all heard the adage about writing today: There are no new stories,
only good or bad retellings. Whether or not that's true, the fact remains
that fairy and folk tales are an age-old and endless source for good
stories. We see them on tv (Grimm, Happily Ever After), in films (Snow
White and the Huntsman, She's All That, even Black Swan), and in every
genre of novel from children's picture books (The True Story of the Three
Little Pigs) to adolescent fantasy (Harry Potter) to adult mystery (The Big
Over Easy). In this course, students will read both original tales and some
adaptations, and will create their own. Requirements include completion of
writing and reading assignments, and thoughtful critique of both. If all
little girls and boys are very well behaved, there might be a film or two.
If not, there will be wolves.


fulfills requirements