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Travel Fund Policy

Students may apply to the Curran Fund to pay for any form of graduate research, including research trips and conference participation.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.  The fund exists thanks to the generosity of our dear colleague Stuart Curran who first started his tenure in the English Department in 1974.  The fund honors Professor Curran's deep commitment to stimulating and guiding graduate student research.

        1.  Each student may apply for funding only once each year.
        2.  No student will receive more than $500.
        3.  Request form must be completed/turned in to Elizabeth Lunger BEFORE the trip.
        4.  A description of the project is required (one page maximum though a few sentences will suffice for straightforward projects like presenting a paper at a conference).
        5.  After the trip, students must submit all itemized receipts via the Concur system.

Name _______________________________________________________________

Date _____________________ Phone Number ___________________________

Email Address ______________________________________________________

Purpose of Trip (including title of paper to be presented) _________



Destination ________________________________________________________

Inclusive Dates of Trip (month & day) ______________________________

Is this trip being supported by SAS travel subvention? Yes___ No ___

Approval ________________________ Date _____________________________
Faculty Advisor

________________________ Date _____________________________
Graduate Chair